janmat party leader’s motorcycle set on fire

Fire falling lighter, loss of one million

26 September, Janakpurdham. Doctor. The motorcycle of a leader of Janmat Party led by Psyche Raut caught fire. The motorcycle was completely damaged in the fire.

A motorcycle (Sa 4 Pa ​​4337) of Mithileshwar’s Janmat Party central member Nirmal Kumar Mandal has been set ablaze in Mircheya Municipality-10 of Sirha. The board said that a motorcycle parked in the community hall near the house was set ablaze by an unidentified person on Monday night.

Party’s District Secretary Santosh Yadav has demanded that the person involved in the incident be arrested and compensated by taking action.

Secretary Yadav issued a statement on Tuesday, warning to join the agitation if the people involved in the arson are not arrested immediately.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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