Kalabhairav ​​temple opened this year

Kalabhairav ​​temple opened this year

September 28, Baglung. The temple of Baleva Kalabhairav ​​has been thronged by the devotees since the beginning of Navratri, where more devotees are thronged on Navami this year as compared to last year.

Tourists from most of the districts of Gandaki and neighboring states have come to visit Kalabhairava. People come to see Kalbhairav ​​of Baleva as they believe that their vow will be fulfilled.

According to the famous Kalbhairav ​​temple management at Baglung Municipality-12 Amalachaur, which has been deserted due to Corona epidemic for the last two years, the number of devotees has increased after Navratri. Gurudutt Pathak, Ward President of Baglung Municipality-12, said that this year the local people and other visitors are happy as the temple was reopened after two years.

Visitors come to the temple especially from the beginning of Navratri. More than 5,000 devotees offer prayers here on Navami alone. Devotees come here for both Yagya and simple worship. Local resident Ram Pathak told that the number of pilgrims visiting Baleva Kot and Kalbhairav ​​was substantial.

Most of the people of the present six wards under the erstwhile Baleva Kot visit the temple of Baleva Kalbhairav ​​on the Navami day. Duck, chicken, goat and pada are sacrificed here on the tenth day, while rice flour bread and coconut are offered as prasad to Bhairav.

The local people have more darshan than ever after the road to the religious and tourist area to reach the Kalabhairav ​​temple was built. Visitors can easily worship here as the temple complex is well managed, the sacrifices and bread are well managed. There is no idol of Kalabhairava covered with flags. It is believed that worshiping the secret idol fulfills all the wishes.

Similarly, the Baglung Kalika Bhagwati temple is also crowded with visitors. The Guthi Management Committee has mobilized volunteers to control the crowd. Wards under Baleva Kot have also been given auspicious days to eat fresh paddy and start harvesting of new paddy.

Every year on Navami day, a meeting of astrologers and pandits of the Baleva region is held at Baleva Kot to decide the best day to eat the new rice (Navagi) and the best place to harvest the paddy (puli) .

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