Kathmandu Mayor Balen said on social media – which is real and which is fake?

Kathmandu. Social media played a decisive role for Balan Shah, established in the field of rap music, to be elected as the mayor of Kathmandu. After being elected mayor, his activities have made his discussion on social media more widespread.

With the popularity of Balan, many of his accounts have started appearing on social media. In such a situation, it seems that even his supporters are finding it difficult to distinguish who is real and who is fake.

A few days back, UML MP Mahesh Basnet had openly opposed the operation of a dozer over an illegal structure built in Alphabeta’s parking lot in New Baneshwar. Balen Shah made a sarcastic comment on Basnet’s Facebook comment.

In relation to that remark, leader Basnet again made another controversial remark. But some of his supporters were claiming that the comment was made from a fake account.

On Sunday, Balen thought he wrote on social media saying he should not be compared to Harak Sampang, the mayor of Dharan. In some cases, even Sampang, who appears uncontrollable on social media, has used the posts posted by the fake account in the name of Balen as his basis.

In such a situation, it seems that many people are having trouble distinguishing between the real and fake social media accounts of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Shah. Today we are discussing on which social media account he is active.

1. Balen . name facebook page

There is an official Facebook page by the name of Baleen. He has amassed a following of 320 pages and accounts from this verified Facebook page which has over 1 million followers till the time of producing this news content.

Notably, he has been using this Facebook page to publicize his official opinion as mayor.

2. Balan Shah Facebook ID:

Mayor Balen also has a personal account on Facebook. The unverified account has been followed by over 184,000 people (at the time of this news release).

From this account, which was opened around 2012, he occasionally shares personal and professional, formal and informal content, posts on his official Facebook page, posts on other social networks.

3. instagram

Balen Shah has an Instagram ID, which at the time of writing this article has 1.57 thousand followers. But he has not followed anyone with this ID.

Balen has also posted as his personal, professional and mayor from this Instagram ID.

4. Tik Tok

Balen Shah also has a Tiktok account, which has more than 160,000 followers. He has followed only one person in total from this account, who occasionally makes and posts Tiktok videos. This Tiktok account of Baleen is not verified (till the time the news content is ready).

5. Twitter

Mayor Balen Shah is also active on Twitter. He has been followed by more than 92,000 people on this unverified Twitter account. But the number of his followers is zero. He is less active on his Twitter account with the username Shahbalen (@ShahBalen). So far he has made only 142 tweets from this account.

6. Linkedin

Balen Shah has also created a LinkedIn account for his professional profile. He is not looking very active in this account with about 22 thousand followers. However, during the election, he also campaigned through LinkedIn.

Himal Sanchar