Kathmandu metropolis objected to destroying the original stream of beauty

26 November, Kathmandu. During the reconstruction of the Dharhara, the head of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balen Sah, held a press conference and objected to the fact that dozers had been used to destroy the main stream that sends water to the Sundara.

In a press conference held this morning at Sankata Club, New Road, Kathmandu, Chief Sah stressed on the need to protect and not destroy the historical aesthetic structure which is a model of Nepal’s original art and culture in the name of reconstruction.

He opposed the structure being built in Sundhara and requested the concerned contractor to stop all the construction works going on there. The Raman Construction Company dug a huge moat just behind Sundara, building a massive tank with a capacity to hold 100,000 liters of water. On Sunday, local residents, representatives of the club and the president of Ward No. 22 said that the main object of that historic structure (a long wooden pipe) was destroyed. There was a protest.

After the protest, in the press conference held today in the presence of Pradhan Balen Sah, it was clarified that the metropolis was not aware of the demolition of the hundred years old historical structure and the work was carried forward without any discussion there. with the Municipal Corporation.

Mukhiya Shah clarified that he has no advice regarding digging in the main stream of Sundara and has not given any order in this regard. On this occasion, Mukhiya Shah, ward presidents and a team of local residents visited the site where the tank is being constructed in Sundara and instructed to stop all the construction work immediately.

Project Manager of Raman Construction, Sanjay Nakarmi told that he has started the process of construction of the tank as per the orders of the concerned body and said that instructions have been given to the laborers to stop the construction work.

On that occasion, in a press statement signed by Ward No. 22 President Chinikaji Maharjan and Sankata Club President Indraman Tuladhar, it has been said that Sundara has ceased to exist.

It was also told in the press conference that the historical beauty of Bahri was built about two hundred years ago during the time of Bhimsen Thapa, but the source of water is more than four-five hundred years old.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar