‘Kathmandu Road Safety Film Festival’ in January

29 October, Kathmandu. The ‘Kathmandu Road Safety Film Festival’ is going to be held on January 2.

It is said that the objective of the film festival organized by NASA Foundation in Nepal with the help of Global Alliance of Road Safety, FIA Foundation and various other organizations is to present basic information about roads and vehicles to the audience.

The film festival, whose main theme is motorcycle safety, is part of the International Road Safety Film Festival.

Various contestants at the film festival will showcase films related to road safety, safety riding and helmet rights and fearless travel.

Contestants can show a film of maximum 10 minutes. Under which the concepts of their respective films will have to be submitted by December 30, then 10 to 15 selected concepts will be included in the process.

The letter, released by festival coordinator Bhagwati Sedhain, mentioned that 10 films passing through various stages of discussion, orientation and production would be included in the competition.

The film will be screened at Darbarmal’s Darvar Cinemax on the last day. According to the organisers, the film festival will be supported by government transport agencies, traffic police, health and safety agencies, automobile-related commercial establishments, local bodies, government, non-governmental organisations, national international associations and professional organisations.

Along with film screening, award programs, dialogues and exhibitions on various topics related to road and safety will also be organized on this occasion.

From 2018 NASA Nepal started Kathmandu Road Safety Film Festival in the field of road safety and organized the second film festival in 2020.

According to the organizers, a committee has been formed in coordination with Ishwar Ballabh Upreti for the film festival, which will cost a total of 12 lakh 50 thousand.

The NASA Foundation is an organization established by the Nepal Automobiles Association (NASA Nepal) for road safety, mobility and welfare works.

श्रोत : अनलाइनखबर

Himal Sanchar