Laptop Touchpad Not Working? fix it like this

There is no hassle of carrying the mouse while using the laptop, as it has a touchpad. This helps in making the laptop portable. But sometimes the touchpad of a laptop stops working due to driver issues, hardware issues and various software issues.

Sometimes while working on the laptop, the touchpad of the laptop suddenly freezes i.e. stops working. When you don’t even have a mouse and the touchpad doesn’t work, you can be stuck in the middle of an important task.

Once the touchpad stops working, there is no option to go to a repair center or service center to get it repaired. But before going to the service center, there are some things that we can do at home which can bring back the touchpad to its previous state.

  • Even if you operate the touchpad with dirty or oily fingers, the accumulation of dirt may cause the touchpad to stop working. Therefore, clean the surface of the touchpad with a soft cloth and remove any accumulated dirt.
  • If there is no hardware related problem in your laptop then you can check the trackpad setting of the laptop. If your laptop has a separate touchpad on/off button, press it once. It is also possible that the toppad is turned off by pressing the button. Also check the Control Panel touchpad settings and see if the trackpad is configured properly.
  • Any hardware on a Windows laptop needs its drivers to function properly. For that, type Device Manager in the search box near the Start button. There you can go to the Mouse and other pointing devices option and see information related to the touchpad.
  • Turn off gesture control. Some laptops have gesture control features. Laptops with this feature work with finger gestures. When this feature is activated, the touchpad may not work. So you can turn off gesture control by going to the touchpad setting. Apart from this, you can restart your laptop.
  • If your computer system is attacked by virus or malware, then the touchpad of the computer may also not work. So install a suitable antivirus to make the computer virus free.
  • Do system restore. It is a tool that restores interventions and changes made to your laptop’s system. If you installed a new software on the laptop and the touchpad stopped working, you can format or restart the laptop. with the help of agency

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    Himal Sanchar