Last night of independence, intoxicated Pushpa Khadka

Last night of independence, intoxicated Pushpa Khadka

The decade has faded. Healing is shining in the sky. Lingaya Ping is introduced in village houses. Bargaining has started in Chowk-Chowk. Those who have entered the city in connection with work are returning home. Dashayan is coming.

Dashain means the festival of food and drink. At this time Nepalese society consumes not only fish and meat but also alcohol. A similar song has been released on the occasion of Dashain. The song says, “Once you start drinking, where is your consciousness? How do you know if you don’t enjoy drinking?”

It is sung by Shiva Pariyar. Earlier, he sang the song ‘Peyundin Bhanda, Pilayo Saathile’, which is the most popular. This time the songs have also been introduced in almost the same format.

The music video of the song has been made public. Presented in Kahaani style, the story features actress Pushpa Khadka in the lead role. He is also accompanied by Aaliya Adhikari and Anjil Luitel.

This song is written by Robin Swapnil Giri. Music by Deepak Raj Vishwakarma. The music is composed by Rajan Ishaan and mixed by Maheshwar Maan Rajbhandari. The music video is directed by Vikramaditya Shah. It has choreography by Kaviraj Gahatraj and cinematography by Hari Hamgai. The song has been made public through the official channel of Media Hub.

The music video has been made according to the mood of the public song targeting festivals like Dashain-Tihar. Madmast dance is performed in colorful lights. Its story is specially woven on the theme of bachelor’s party. The ‘Madeira Mahatmya’ is sung during the celebrations of the last night before the wedding.

In the West, there is culture, the Wachlers Party. Before the wedding, men together with their friend Dautari organize such a feast. Family responsibilities increase after marriage and marital life begins, so you may not have time to play and have fun with your friends like on other days. That’s why they openly entertain a night before the wedding. It is accompanied by loud music and intoxication. It is also called the last night of independence.

Recently, such a culture has also entered Nepal. The music video of this song has been made in this background. The song is very entertaining.

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