Love discussion between former Miss Nepal series and potential

Kathmandu. Talks of love blossomed between former Miss Nepal series Khatiwada and vlogger Sison Banyan. The seasons and the series have been close since participating in Miss World. From traveling across the country to expressing love on social media.

But a few months ago, after unfollowing each other on Instagram, there was a discussion about the relationship between these two not being good. A few days ago, in a lengthy Facebook post, Sison indicated that he had parted ways with the series. Ever since the two unfollowed each other, the name of the series has been linked to communication entrepreneur Sambhav Sirohiya.

With Series’s mother Manu Khatiwada posting frequent videos on TikTok, media details of the growing closeness between Series and Sambhavna came to the fore. While rumors have been doing the rounds that these two are in a relationship since a few months, Mishbar shared a picture on Instagram on Saturday to confirm the love rumours.

It can be seen that the picture taken by the series. The face of the person taking the photo is also clearly visible on the window pane and he is probably wearing a Harvard University cap. She is currently studying at Howard University. He is probably in America at the moment. Even though both of them have not openly disclosed their love, but the discussion of love on social media has become hot.

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Himal Sanchar