LPG displacement plan from the safety body

LPG displacement plan from the safety body

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. Despite talk of replacing imported LPG from India, the government has not yet initiated any policy and planned program other than a general reduction in electricity rates. Though citizens have voluntarily started switching to gas through induction, but the government has started planning ahead as there is no attraction in large numbers.

Now the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation is going to go ahead with the displacement of gas through electric stoves as per the plan. Preparations are underway to make electric stoves (induction), which have been voluntary till now, from the organized sector of the government.

Since it has not been easy to attract people to join from the beginning, the ministry plans to introduce gas displacement from security units of Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Security in the first phase. Since the concerned bodies have to change the policy for the same, the Ministry of Power itself has come forward for the necessary facility.

In the second phase, canteens of organized public institutions including government offices, hospitals and schools are also being prepared for the gas replacement initiative. After that, the policy of intervention to displace commercial and industrial sectors, including hotels, restaurants and party palaces, which consume a lot of gas, has become a chore.

encourage security forces to release gas

In the first phase, the Ministry of Power, Water Resources and Irrigation has started discussions with security agencies to remove LP gas and kerosene used as fuel and replace them with electric stoves.

Minister Pampa Bhusal has informed through social media that the barracks of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force have discussed the use of electronic devices to increase the use of clean energy for electricity consumption and environment protection and with this slogan Along with the slogan ‘Quit foreign gas’ has been given. Connect household electricity’.

Energy Minister Pampa Bhusal, Energy Secretary Devendra Karki and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Executive Director Kulman Ghising discussed the issue with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force on Wednesday. Additional General Secretary of Armed Police Ram Sharan Poudel and SSP of Nepal Police Phanindra Baral along with Joint Secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs were also present in the discussion.

According to a participating ministry official, Minister Bhusal said that there is a need to increase the consumption of electricity in the country and for that priority has been given to displacement of gas.

The official quoted Minister Bhusal as saying, “If the security forces adopt the policy of cooking only with electric stove by removing gas, then it will not only benefit the organization but also the country.”

Nepal Police has informed that it has to procure LP gas worth Rs 60 crore annually to manage 80,000 police messes. The Armed Police Force has said that over Rs 10 crore is spent annually.

During the discussion, Executive Director of NEA Ghising assured that if the security forces move to replace the gas, there will be no infrastructure problem. He also said that using electricity would be more beneficial for the organizations than using gas.

“We’re going to show you why induction is cheaper, easier, and more effective than gas,” he told a security official.

The discussion concluded that a strategic task force would be formed to study the infrastructure, conversion process and expenditure, and tariff and payment process with necessary recommendations for gas displacement in security agencies. It has been agreed to include representatives of all agencies including the Ministry of Power, Ministry of Home Affairs and NEA in the task force.

During the discussion Ghising said that they are ready to create infrastructure not only for induction cookers but also for use of washing machines, heaters, air conditioners etc in barracks, posts and outposts. He said that NEA is ready to give concession in fee for this.

The Ministry of Energy has said that it will discuss the gas displacement with the Defense Ministry and the Nepal Army. The ministry, which has come forward with a plan to increase consumption, has said that it will also study the infrastructure, facilities and budget required for gas replacement.

A ministry official said, “We are now trying to introduce policy reforms in a phased manner to increase the consumption of electricity. As the use of electric stoves from the organized sector is increasing, it is also attracting the masses. Is.”

The power ministry on Thursday also discussed plans to increase power generation and consumption with the Nepal Rastra Bank. Policy discussions were held in the ministry today with the team including NRB Governor Mahaprasad Adhikari on issues including electricity survey/generation licence, PPA, increase in power consumption, power trading, cost/increase in power generation. Selling price and consumption plan.

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