Madhesi youth in the campaign to stop Tiktok

Kathmandu. Due to social media Tiktok, the youth of Madhesh province have started a campaign to stop Tiktok. The youth have sent a memorandum to the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers office through the district administration office of the state, demanding complete closure of Tiktok.

The campaign to hand over the memorandum started from Mahottari has been entrusted to the heads of district administration offices and security agencies including Dhanusha, Siraha, Saptari and Rauthat.

The local youths of the district concerned have submitted a memorandum to the administration leading the campaign. They claim that pornographic activities are increasing on Tiktok.

There were demonstrations in Dhanusha and Siraha raising slogans that Tiktok should be closed, those who made porn videos on Tiktok should be prosecuted, Tiktok should be banished, their culture should be saved.

Mahottari’s Abhijit Das said that the campaign was started to ban TikTok users after making fun of religion at religious places.

They claim that in the hope of getting more views, likes and comments in less time, girls dance to Bhojpuri and Hindi songs and post on Tiktok, come late night live and have obscene conversations with the youth.

Shambhu Pandit of Dhanusha said, “This app should be banned in Nepal like India because children and teenagers who are considered leaders of the country are also getting addicted to Tiktok and ruining their future.”

They argue that this type of activity is on the rise despite the fact that it is clear that content against morals and etiquette, spreading hatred, vitiated relations between any denomination and creating confusion is published, broadcast or displayed. should not be done.

In sub-section 1 of section 47 of the Electronic Transactions Act, it is mentioned that material which cannot be published or displayed by the prevailing law shall not be made public by means of electronic communication including computer and internet. But this cyber law has not been brought to the notice of the agencies concerned.

Janakpur youth activist Saroj Mishra said that a campaign should be launched against social media, but social media should not be closed.

“There is a positive message in social media. Some content on TikTok is not socially acceptable and should be punished,” said Mishra.


Himal Sanchar