Malaika signs ‘Satyam’, will pair with Paul

Question to Paul and Malika - 'Not working on a new song?'

Actress Malaika Mahat has decided to work in the film ‘Satyam’. In this film starring Rajesh Hamal in the lead role, Malika will be paired opposite the protagonist Pal Shah. The couple wanted to see Paul and Malaika on the big screen as they are also being discussed in the music video.

Malaika, who made her debut in the film ‘Yatra’, is working on her second film ‘Pani Photo’. Malaika says that she agreed to work after liking the plot of the film and her role.

Malaika said she is happy to be working with Rajesh Humal and Pal Shah on the big screen for the first time. Directed by Shankar Karki, the film will also star Anoop Vikram Shahi, Abhay Baral and Krishna Joshi. The production company has said that four looks of Hamal can be seen in this film. The film will be written and produced by Resham Sapkota.

The film will have music by Yogesh Kazi, top song by Kutumb Band and cinematography by Bidur Pandey. Ramji Lamichhane will choreograph the film starring Ashtaman Maharjan. Post the upcoming festival, the film will be shot in Manang, Mustang, Pokhara and Kathmandu. In this film, actor Milan Sijapati, who has shown promising potential in South Indian films, is seen in the role of a landlord.

Moktar Khan, Kailash Rawal, Neriska Sthapit, Prince Prasid Singh, Praveen Chapagain, Anvisha Khadki and others are debuting with this film.

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