‘MDMS’ to boost mobile business: Consumer rights activist

6 October, Kathmandu. Consumer rights activists have raised objections that the government has introduced the MDMS system to benefit a limited number of mobile merchants.

The Nepal Telecom Authority had launched the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) with effect from August 29 to control the unauthorized import of mobile phones entering Nepal illegally.

However, its opposition has started because the government has implemented the MDMS system to benefit limited traders. Madhav Timilsina, president of Consumer Rights Research Forum, said that the government-implemented (MDMS) system under pressure from limited traders who manipulate the market is against the interests and fundamental rights of consumers.

He urged the government to immediately roll back the system implemented for limited mobile companies and traders to maintain a monopoly in the mobile market. “It is not appropriate for business houses to implement Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) before elections. The government should withdraw it,” Timalsina said.

He also said that citizens are denied the right to bring two rupees cheaper when they come to Nepal with money earned from abroad.

Consumer Protection Forum general secretary Bishnu Timilsina also claimed that the government has implemented the MDMS system on mobile phones for the benefit of limited traders. Timilsina accused the government of working for the benefit of a limited number of people, saying that there are only 13 companies that import mobile phones and distribute them in Nepal.

“The 13 companies have forced the government to implement a policy to maintain a monopoly in the Nepalese market and acquire huge wealth,” Secretary General Timilsina said.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar