MPs got ten leave

Civil Services and Railway Bill withdrawn from the House of Representatives

September 25, Kathmandu. Tens of holidays have begun in both houses of the federal parliament. After Monday’s meeting, both the House of Representatives and the National Assembly have been given a long leave.

Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota adjourned the meeting till Tuesday, 26 November, while National Assembly Speaker Ganesh Timilsina adjourned the meeting till further notice.

Since the Hindu Nepalese festival has begun, now the MPs have also got a tenth holiday. Many MPs had already gone to the village and did not attend Monday’s meeting.

Monday’s meeting also took place despite opposition from CPN-UML MPs. In the House of Representatives meeting, UML MPs surrounded the well and raised slogans, while in the National Assembly, UML MPs remained silent.

The House of Representatives on Monday withdrew the Railway Bill 2078. As the bill originated in the National Assembly, the National Assembly meeting on Monday agreed to withdraw the bill.

Source: OnlineKhabar