Navy is chasing the leader: Dev Gurung and Bhim Rawal will help in the promotion of the film ‘Condator’

Kathmandu. Producer and actor Naval Khadka is promoting his film ‘Candator’ these days only in political circles. Two weeks ago he proposed to the president of the student body that barbed wire should be installed on the Nepal-India border based on the plot of the film.

On Sunday morning, he met CPN Maoist Center leader Dev Gurung and CPN UML leader Bhim Rawal and discussed the film. In response, director Khadka pointed out that both the leaders expressed their solidarity on the subject raised by the film.

Khadka said that the increasing foreign interference in Nepal, deceit, conspiracy and the emerging crisis on Nepal’s national independence were discussed in the meeting. Khadka informed about the meeting of Gurung and Rawal via Facebook, “He expressed his interest in the nationalist sentimental film Kadter that we have made.

Filmed in the border area of ​​India, the film Kandetar has raised the issue of barbed wire and the enforcement of immigration law along the 1800-km long international border of Nepal-India. The previous film Dasgaja, directed by Khadka, raised the issue of border encroachment by India.

Khadka’s meeting with leaders Gurung and Rawal, who sympathize with these subjects, is significant. Khadka also said that both the leaders expressed their support for the issues raised by the film.

Not only this, other leaders including Gurung and Rawal have been invited to discuss the issues raised by the film on July 25. Filmmaker Khadka, who paints pictures of nationalist tendencies, is starting the promotion of the film from political circles.

But the release date of the film has not been announced yet.

श्रोत : अनलाइनखबर

Himal Sanchar