Nepal Address: All Nepali have their own address

6 October, Kathmandu. Easy Online Solutions Pvt Ltd has launched Nepal Address Dokcom, a digital platform that can be used free of cost with the aim of resolving Nepal address related problems.

If you have to call someone at home when ordering something online, it’s hard to locate the house now. will free you from hassles caused by addresses.

By registering the location of your house, camp, apartment, business, land etc. with, you can get the address name and address of your choice without contacting anyone.

Address name and address link can be said or shared.

The Address link takes you directly to the Address page for that address. After searching the address by going to NepalAddress Doccom, the address page of that address will open. Address page has below address info, photo, map, google map direction.

Nepal Address uses Google Maps and makes it more convenient, safe and convenient. Entering the address in Nepal Address is easy, it provides an address link that can be easily spoken or written. The Address link opens directly in the browser of any device.

Instead of Google Maps, Nepal Address Platform does not show the address directly on Google Maps. Only people who know your address name or address link can find your address.

Full address name including region, local level and district is available, more than 5000 regions mapped across Nepal, even if the location is moved, the same address link remains, the locations moved within a year are visible on the address page give.
Its features include the ability to search Google Plus codes and find addresses even without the Internet.

Subas Devkota, Founder and CEO, EZOnline Solutions said that the facility of this platform can be accessed from any browser and the app can also be used.

‘Something I remembered in America after returning to my country is the name of the street facility and the address. And I started thinking that how can such address name facility be developed in Nepal also? After that, I quit my job as Chief Officer of EfwanSoft and started building this platform.

According to him, it is a platform built for Nepal and it has mapped 77 districts, 753 local levels and more than 5000 villages/locations across Nepal.

“It also includes a Google Plus code that can be found without the Internet and a feature to save the address for offline use,” he said.

Consumers and businesses can access all these features from Nepal addresses for free, he said, adding that businesses can integrate Nepal addresses into their apps or systems through APIs for a minimal fee.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar