Nepal’s 6 closed halls to reopen from tomorrow to show ‘Pathan’

Kathmandu. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan starrer film ‘Pathan’ is releasing in more than 100 countries from tomorrow (Wednesday). According to Bollywood media, this film is going to be released on 2500 screens in countries other than India. This number is said to be the highest ever for Bollywood.

In Nepal also, this film is being released in more than 150 cinema halls. According to Pathan’s Nepal distributor Bankates Entertainment, 6 closed halls of Nepal are re-opening with ‘Pathan’, including Morang’s Birachok, Sarlahi’s Palpa, Gorkha, Barthwa, Dolakha’s Charikot and Udaipur’s Gaighat. Company’s Manoj Rathi told online news that these halls are going to run with the plan of re-operation.

It is being said in India that with the release of ‘Pathan’, 25 closed theaters will reopen.

In Nepal, 90 percent of Wednesday shows are sold out in advance by Tuesday. Distributor Rathi claimed that in Wednesday’s opening the occupancy would reach 100 per cent and he would earn a gross of Rs 1.5 to 20 lakhs. He argues that Pathan will account for half of the total opening of Kabaddi 4. The opening gross of Kabaddi 4 was Rs 29 million.

According to Banktes Entertainment, the addition of hall and solo releases will not hamper Pathan’s earnings. Pathan’s craze is huge in Nepal and Shah Rukh Khan’s fans have already booked some shows for Wednesday in leading multiplexes.

Even to raise the investment of Nepal Rights, bought for around Rs 2.5 crore, the film would have to earn at least Rs 9 crore. It is estimated that the film’s earnings will reach 4.5 to 5 crores in the first four days.

The Censor Board of Nepal has fixed the length of Pathan to 2 hours 27 minutes. The audience will have to spend about three hours in the hall.

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