New software updates on Samsung smartphones, these are attractive features

New software updates on Samsung smartphones, these are attractive features
Kathmandu. Samsung has introduced a new software update for its smartphones. Incorporating new features related to design, privacy and security, the company has unveiled ‘One UI 4’.

The stable version was made public some time ago. Which will be available in the first phase of Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra series.

Some of these devices are already available. It is being said that it will be available in all the S series smartphones by December.

The company has unveiled UI4 to give a new experience to the users and keep their privacy in mind. In which many new features have become available.

One UI 4 allows users to play with their favorite colors. This means that if you change a wallpaper, the icons, menus, buttons and background will all be the same color from the home screen of the mobile.

Not only this, you also have the option to choose the color manually.

When this happens, the mobile you carry will look different on the same mobile that other users carry. Significant changes have also been made to the Samsung keyboard.

You can now add and send two different emoji at once via Samsung’s keyboard. The most important feature is the lock screen.

Now you can change the song even when the screen is locked, play back and forth, record sound when the screen is locked, listen to a song from mobile or listen to a song with earphones or Airbird.

Apart from the new UI, the ‘Dynamo’ feature is also available in Samsung’s mobile. Is there any problem with the user or not? If there is a problem they can easily see in which part the problem is. Protect Battery feature is also available.

With this feature on, even if you charge your mobile overnight, it will not charge more than 85 percent. The company claims that this will not cause any problem like overcharging the mobile battery.

Also, the dark mode has been made more effective in the new UI. On the other hand, if you turn on the dark mode in the mobile, then the light of the app available on the mobile will also be reduced automatically.

Instant video feature is available in the camera. This means you can now take videos while taking photos. However, a new feature has been made available in the zoom feature.


Samsung UI 4 has a new privacy feature. Am I being monitored by my camera when you are currently using your mobile? It may seem that someone is listening to me through the microphone of my mobile phone.

In such a situation, for the privacy of the user, which app in the new UI 4 keeps access to your camera or microphone even if it is not working. This allows you to control whether the app has access to the camera or microphone.

New software updates on Samsung smartphones, such as attractive features.