Newly elected Volleyball President Chand’s first priority: Construction of covered hall [अन्तर्वार्ता ]

Jitendra Bahadur Chandy

23 August, Kathmandu. Jitendra Bahadur Chand has been promoted from General Secretary of the Nepal Volleyball Association to the President after his victory in the elections held on Wednesday night. After completing 10 years as the General Secretary and becoming the supreme leader of the Sangh, he has said that the construction of the covered hall will be his first and main goal.

Outgoing working committee vice-chairman Niroj Maske and general secretary Chand formed their respective panels and participated in the election contest. Most of the people selected in the election of the President, 7 Vice Presidents, General Secretary, 7 Secretaries, Treasurer and 11 members are from the Chand Panel.

Chand, who announced his candidacy three days before the election, got 76 out of 128 votes. Maske, who announced his candidacy for the presidency two years ago, got 50 votes.

Except for Bagmati, there was no opposition to the post of vice-president in other provinces. There was no candidate in Karnali province. Bharat Shah, a former captain of the national team representing Sudurpashim province, was nominated for the post of vice-president of Karnali province, but his claim turned out to be invalid. The post of General Secretary was won by Roshan Shrestha by popular votes.

Chand, who has accorded top priority to the infrastructure and structure of the Association, has committed himself to dedicate himself to the development of the national sport of Volleyball by involving all. Former 50-year-old former player Kushal Timalsina talks about the start of his term after being elected president of the association, for online news:

You presented many agendas before the elections. What are the tasks that your working committee has to implement immediately?

As I said in my commitment, my first priority is infrastructure. The biggest thing that has stopped us in the past is that we do not have a covered hall of international standard. I have also told my volleyball friends that the Government of Nepal in collaboration with the National Sports Council (Rakhep) will use the allocated funds for building volleyball infrastructure and start construction of a covered hall within this financial year.

Also, as I mentioned in my commitment letter, plans to create age group teams and make them participate at international level, to make senior team participate in more competitions, Nepal Volleyball Association more competitions in collaboration with international associations Organizing is also a priority.

We will focus on age group and junior competitions by activating various commissions under the association including School Volleyball Association.

In recent years, many competitions are being organized in an unorganized manner. The lack of competition classification poses a challenge in protecting players. What do you do to uplift the players?

This is a big challenge for us. Even now, letters are coming to the union regarding the proposal to organize the competition. We are sensitive to the safety and security of the players. We will not only manage the national tournament but only after guaranteeing the players’ comfort and safety will we go into the implementation process.

If someone says that we will organize a national competition, we will not give hand approval.

Similarly, club league and franchise competition will be organized regularly to help the players financially.

You have been accused of centralizing the responsibility and taking the credit for all the work yourself. How much do you believe in the system of decentralization once you reach leadership?

This is just an allegation. If I had such behavior or disposition, all the representatives including the Central Working Committee would not have been so helpful and helpful. If I were an individualist, I would not live today. Personally, not everyone likes my nature.

I work for the truth. I will never do anything wrong and if something good happens, it will be implemented.

This time, he was competing in the election as two panels. After the election a section of volleyball has left the union structure. Are there any plans to include them?

Election is a democratic process and it is only a technical matter. He may have left the team now, but his suggestions and advice will always be remembered. I want to take everyone involved in volleyball in Nepal together.

We are all a volleyball family more than who won or lost in elections. The practice of our friendship also started. In the morning after winning the election, Neeroz ma’am (Muske) congratulated me and promised to help me. There is no such enmity between us. This should not happen in sports.

Elected Executive Committee of the Volleyball Association:

President: Jitendra Bahadur Chand (Elected)

vice president
Province 1: Madan Khadka (Unanimous)
Madhesh: Upendra Kumar Yadav (Unanimous)
Bagmati: Gautam Prasad Lasiva (Elected)
Gandaki: Yama Bahadur Gurung (Unanimous)
Lumbini: Bhim Oli (Unanimous)
Karnali : No Candidature
Far West: Harak Singh Dhami (Unanimous)

General Secretary: Roshan Shrestha (Elected)

State 1: Vinod Subedi (Elected)
Madhesh: Mohammad Firoz (Unanimous)
Bagmati: Sunkeshari Mali (Unanimous)
Gandaki: Sridhar Sharma (Unanimous)
Lumbini: Jhak Bahadur Midun (Elected)
Karnali: Som Bahadur Shrestha Mangal (Unanimous)
Far West: Ganesh Singh Thagunna (Unanimous)

Treasurer: Shyam Kumar Shrestha (Elected)

Raj Bahadur Khadka (Elected)
Kumar Rai (Elected)
Deepak Lama (Elected)
Rajkumar Gurung (Elected)
Anju Shrestha (Elected)
Junu Punagar (Elected)
Dinesh Shrestha (Elected)
Ganga Thapa Shrestha (Elected)
Jitendra Shrestha (Elected)
Chandrabandana Rai (Elected)
Praveen Shrestha (Elected)

According to the amended constitution of the Nepal Volleyball Association, there will be a working committee of 41 people. Of these, 28 will come from the electoral process. As Karnali could not find any candidate for the post of vice-president, 26 people were elected in the elections held on Wednesday. Of the remaining 13, 12 people, including two vice-presidents, will be nominated. An outgoing chairman will automatically continue in the working committee.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar