Niroz Maske’s five commitments to the development of volleyball

17th July, Kathmandu. Neeroz Maske, who has announced his candidacy for the post of President of Nepal Volleyball Association elections to be held on 22 August, has announced 5 commitments.

Maske, who is also the current working committee’s deputy chairman, held an event on Tuesday and announced his candidacy for the presidency.

Maske began preparing for the election two years ago by announcing his candidacy. Although the tenure of the current working committee has been completed for two and a half years, but due to the violation of Covid-19 and Sports Act, the Volleyball Association has not been able to conduct the elections.

Maske has announced five commitments to improve training, competition, infrastructure, incentives and administrative structures for volleyball development.

  1. Training:

Players – Grassroots, School Age, Club, Senior and Veteran

Referee – Municipality, District, State and Center

Instructor – Municipality, District, State and Center

A Talent Hunt That Looks Entertaining

school to university program

city ​​level program

  1. Combat

school level competition

club level competitions

city ​​level competition

district level competition

state level competition

national level competition

International partnerships and organizations

Vetran, Para, Special (various abilities) and other competitions

Operation of professional and corporate volleyball leagues

Beach, Alpine and other competitions

Organizing and grading club competitions at State and Central level

  1. Infrastructure

An international level event covered hall of volleyball in the center

National level cover hall of volleyball in each province

Central and State Volleyball Academy

local level volleyball infrastructure

Establishment of Beach Volleyball Center

  1. Incentives

Regular service facility for national team players

Insurance of players, technicians and officials

Establishment of Volleyball Welfare Fund

Classification of players and arrangement of concession cards

player exchange/exposure program

  1. Administrative Structure

Organized Office and Administration

transparency with financial regulations

Formation and effective operation of various departments

Systematic information and communication flow system

Skilled and efficient technician

श्रोत : अनलाइनखबर

Himal Sanchar