No agreement with US on Taiwan issue: China

No agreement with US on Taiwan issue: China

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. China has made it clear that there will be no agreement on Taiwan. On Thursday, the Chinese Defense Ministry made it clear that there would be no agreement on Taiwan.

The ministry also said that the US should not be confused about this. China has also accused the US of provoking various issues.

“Particularly in the case of Taiwan, China does not agree and the US should have no illusions about it,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qing said. On other issues, he said China is ready to negotiate and cooperate with the United States.

“But the US side is saying a lot of irresponsible things and has shown provocative behavior in Taiwan and the South China Sea by approaching and monitoring warships and aircraft,” Qing said.

A virtual meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this month also saw differences over Taiwan. Xi said in the virtual meeting that those who want Taiwan’s independence and support them in America are playing with fire.

China considers Taiwan a separate territory. Recently, warplanes have been flying in the skies of Taiwan and even pressurizing it. But Taiwan’s leaders say they are ready to defend their land and face China. with the help of agency

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