‘Nude Superior Vodka’ unveiled

'Nude Superior Vodka' unveiled

Kathmandu. ‘The Nepal Distilleries’ has introduced high quality ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ to the market. An event held in Kathmandu ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ has been unveiled.

The company claims that ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ is Nepal’s first rice-based vodka. Natural sweetness is said to be found in it as it is based on rice. The press release issued by the company mentions that it does not contain sugar admixture and has features like gluten free and glycerin free.

While designing the ‘Nude Superior Vodka’, it is said that the wishes and demands of the consumers have been kept in mind while being health conscious. Vodka is a ‘fun spirit’ among various spirits. Young people are primarily interested in such a drink. The Nepalese youth are dynamic and they love some quality and contemporary, original flavours,’ the company said, adding ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ has been brought to the Nepalese market as a high-end vodka.’

For added smoothness and finesse, ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ is prepared by charcoal filtering in small batches. According to the company, Christopher Amers, an international-class blender with over 40 years of experience, has designed ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ using 100% local ingredients. It has been told that drinking the said vodka nits does not cause additional burning sensation in the throat.

The work to develop Vodka in a unique and world-class manner started in 2019. The company noted that prior to the development of ‘Nude Superior Vodka’, a series of extensive testing and feedback was conducted among general consumers and restaurants.

Shubhash Lamichhane, General Manager, ‘The Nepal Distilleries’ said that the packaging of ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ is as unique as the taste and quality. ‘Nude Superior Vodka’ is packaged in a glass cosmetic bottle, which gives greater clarity to the liquid. The cap used in the bottle cannot be refilled like other brands from ‘The Nepal Distilleries’. He said that since premium quality vodka is produced in the country abroad, the need to import such a drink will be removed and it will help the national economy, even if it is a little.

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