Oli in Karnali: Scolding ruling coalition, defending dissolution of Parliament

27 October, Surkhet. CPN-UML President and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressed the election meeting organized in three districts of Karnali province on Sunday.

Oli, who addressed election meetings held at Raskot in Kalikot, Jambukandh in Dalekh and Birendranagar in Surkhet, spent most of his time bashing the ruling coalition and defending the dissolution of Parliament.

Oli ridiculed the alliance by saying that ‘Handighote ran the country, led it to regression’, and joked that ‘Talaatuli Batuli, what a beautiful puppet’. Oli did not stop here, Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba also made serious allegations of shooting dead 122 civilians while he was Home Minister.

defense of the dissolution of parliament

Oli, who initially addressed the election meeting at Raskot in Kalikot, expressed his anger towards Maoist Centre’s President Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. Describing Oli as a reactionary, Prachanda, who reached Ruskot last Tuesday, said, “I have heard that KP Oli will not come here after a few days, ask him why he dissolved Parliament.”

Responding to this, Oli, who reached there on Sunday, said, ‘You came to Raskot and retreated after Congress? I have never done anything retrograde.’ He remarked that the opposition called Prachanda a regression after taking refuge in the right wing and reaching out to the people for a new mandate.

Addressing a meeting in Birendranagar, Oli accused the ruling coalition of backing down. ‘How will Deuba-Prachandji do the regression? Forming and changing the government in Parliament is like going to court?’ Oli said, ‘Not letting people follow the orders of the people is regression. You did that.’

Prachanda is called mediator

Oli called Maoist president Prachanda a political middleman. “I have heard Prachanda saying that wherever I go, the government will be formed”, Oli said, “Prachandaji, the era of middlemen is over.”

The country needs people who are committed to building the country, not brokers. That’s me.’
Prachanda, who reached Kalikot last week, had promised to make Mahendra Bahadur Shahi a minister after winning the House of Representatives.

Oli, who reached Kalikot on Sunday, remarked that Prachanda was impractical saying that he would make anyone a minister. Some people are saying that wherever they go, they will make them ministers. I will make Hari Bahadur a minister. If Ram Bahadur is found, I will make him a minister.’

Alliance is called Fox and UML is called Lion

In the Surkhet Birendranagar Sabha, Oli called the ruling coalition a fox and the UML a lion. He claimed that efforts are being made to weaken the UML with the help of local and foreign forces, but the UML will not be weakened.

National and foreign reactionary forces are laying siege against the UML. Not even a hundred jackals can surround a lion’, Oli said. He questioned what Deuba did for the country after being the Prime Minister for five times.

I want to ask Sher Bahadur ji that what did you do as the Prime Minister of the country for five times? Tell me some work From where you are standing, look left, right, front and back, you will see the work done by UML”, he said.

He said that the ruling coalition parties have misled the people by bringing different manifestos. “The manifesto made by the alliance is its own. If they win, whose manifesto will they implement and run the government?’, Oli asked, ‘So support the same campaign of UML, strong national power is needed, UML will do that.’

In Dailekh’s Jambukandh, the workers questioned Oli by saying ‘Bhim Rawal Khai’. Oli advised those who took the name of Bhima Rawal to go to Achham and find him. He said, ‘Sit down. If you fall in love with Bhim Rawal, Achham is on the other side, let him go.’

Political analyst Kamlesh DC said Oli showed a losing mindset in Karnali. What he expressed in Karnali did not address the geography here, the development here, the aspirations of the local people here. He said only empty political bias and anger towards the alliance was expressed.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar