Pinky, a victim of constant domestic violence, finally left the world

12 October, Birgunj. Giving a pinky hand to Deependra Kurmi of Motibagh City-1, Kalaiya sub-metropolitan city of Bara, brother Manish Prasad Kurmi thought, ‘My sister will be happy when she marries the only son of the family to a boy working in the bank.’

Married on 14 November 2067 with pomp. Pinky’s mother-in-law also gave 40 lakh cash and 10 tola gold in dowry. But Pinky was never happy. He left the world at the age of 32 after suffering continuous domestic violence. He died on 2 October 079 at 7 PM at Medicity Hospital, Nakkhu, Lalitpur. The Maiti side is calling it a murder.

Pinky’s husband Deependra is the Birganj branch manager of Bank SBI Bank. Maiti claims that he committed continuous domestic violence and died due to head injuries. Pinky’s brother Manish has lodged a complaint with the District Police Office, Bara regarding ‘Duty of Care’.

Pinky’s 36-year-old husband Dipendra, father-in-law Murari Prasad Jaiswar (Kurmi), mother-in-law Manthuradevi and uncle Jagat Prasad Jaiswar have been charged on October 4. Police has started investigation by arresting Deepender.

Maiti Paksha claims that Dipendra pressured her to bring cash because Maiti Paksha was in the business of making houses and hardware, and when she refused, Pinky was beaten up. The complaint mentions that on the evening of August 18, Pinky was kicked and punched in the head, chest and limbs and was beaten with sticks.

Next day Dr. Pinky in Birgunj. He was taken to Udaynarayan Singh’s clinic for treatment. Apart from bleeding from her nose and ears, she was also vomiting. The mother side alleges that despite the doctor’s advice to get a CT scan done, she ignored it and kept it at home.

On August 27, when Pinky’s condition became critical, she was taken to the advanced hospital in Birganj. The next day, he was taken to Bharatpur in Chitwan for further treatment, but after Chitwan Medical College asked him to be taken to Kathmandu, he was admitted to Medicity. After his death on 2 October during treatment, his postmortem was done on 3 October at Patan Institute of Health Sciences, Lagankhel. Police said the post-mortem report is yet to come.

frequent domestic violence victims

According to Pinky’s sister Sapna, the year she got married, Deependra got promoted in the bank. Then he started pressurizing his wife to ask Maiti for a car. When Pinky refuses saying that Maiti is not in a position to give the car, it is done to make Maiti move around and ban the use of mobile phones.

Pinky’s first child was born during her stay in Janakpur. Brother Manish tells that Pinky was thrashed badly by her husband Dipendra when she was still in the womb. He said, “After finding out that my sister is pregnant, I went to Janakpur and rescued her and brought her to Chitwan. My niece was born in Narayanghat.”

Pinky’s brother Manish and sister Sapna.

On the one hand, the demand for a car as a dowry, on the other hand, on the pretext of giving birth to a daughter, the fight between the husband and the family increased against Pinky. Pinky had also once tried to commit suicide at home. The neighbors quickly found out and rescued him immediately.

“After calling the community several times and discussing it, we came to an agreement that from now on they will not torture and behave well, but their behavior has never changed,” Manish told news online. He never breathed a sigh of joy.

According to Maiti Paya, Pinky knocked not only the society, but also the police in the court. On 4 November 2015, Man Chamal Madha Samate was brought to the District Court Bara. But during the discussion in the court, Deependra cried, Pinky saw the faces of both the children and apologized and withdrew the case. But even after this the domestic violence did not stop.

Saraswati Khanal, a women’s rights activist from Kalaiya, who is also a neighbour, says that Pinky is being harassed by family members. “Ever since she got married, Pinky was being harassed by her family,” she said.

Dispute with doctor raised doubts

After Pinky died due to injuries on her body, her body was taken to Patan Hospital for post-mortem. Dipendra Pakshadhar has a dispute with the doctor involved in the postmortem of Pinky’s dead body, which gives strength to the question raised by the Maiti side through the audio conversation.

In the audio conversation made public, the female doctor said that there was a difference of blood between Jiu and the indigo dam visible on the head and the blood on the head. The color of the sapphire seen on the head and neck is different. green and purple. The sapphire seen in jiu is new. He has two injuries on his head. It comes in my report. Both breasts have SDH (sub-dural haemorrhage), she said, adding, ‘My report alone is not evidence, the police will investigate.’

Dipendra’s supporters have warned that Medicity neurosurgeon Gopal Raman Sharma will conduct a postmortem along with another doctor, who said the bleeding was caused by a lack of platelets. Pinky’s husband Deependra also says that Pinky was taken to the hospital when the blood did not stop.

When he went to the dentist on 18 August, he said that there was no problem with the gums, so the next day he took him to the doctor. He said he was not aware of the head injury, adding that the platelets were found to be 50,000 during a blood test, and he was treated as per the doctor’s advice. On one hand the old lady has died. On the other hand my image is being tarnished by false allegations’, in an audio conversation made public, he told the doctor concerned in the postmortem, ‘Your report has ended my life, whatever you do, it is in your hands. ‘

Bara Superintendent of Police Hobindra Bogti said the cause of death could not be ascertained till the post-mortem report comes. “We are investigating in a very sensitive manner”, he said, “don’t let any weakness come in the way of the police investigation.”

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Himal Sanchar