Prem Prasad’s self-immolation failure of state machinery: Gagan Thapa

11 January, Kathmandu. Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa has said that the death of Prem Prasad Acharya, who committed suicide, is a failure of the state machinery. Writing a status on Facebook on Wednesday evening, he said that this is the failure of Nepal’s state machinery, overall system and those running the system.

Stating that simple maintenance of only one party will not fix the system, he said that those who are suffering need to be determined to fix the system so that they get proper treatment.

“Now, instead of recriminations or momentary emotional impulses, if only we can resolve to continue to address the themes and references raised in the letter, no citizen will ever have to experience such despair and bewilderment.” !” he said.

What did Gagan Thapa write on Facebook?

The incident of self-immolation of Prem Prasad Acharya, many things are roaming in my mind throughout the day. The topics and themes mentioned in his last letter are affecting me again and again.

I think so – if something had happened or not happened at any stage of her eating struggle, this would not have happened! I think again – it is not just the failure of one person, it is the failure of our polity and the whole system. I, we are the failure of the system operator.

Our system will not recover from simple maintenance of any one aspect. Determination is needed to completely change this system to ensure proper treatment for the poor people. Now, instead of accusations and counter-accusations or momentary emotional impulses, if we resolve to continuously address the subjects and topics raised by him in the letter, then no citizen will have to experience such disappointment and surprise!

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