President Bhandari visited Palanchok Bhagwati

President Bhandari visited Palanchok Bhagwati

September 27, Kavrepalanchok. President Vidyadevi Bhandari paid obeisance at the Palanchok Bhagwati temple at Kavrepalanchok on the day of Maha Ashtami in Baradshah this morning.

He was offering prayers at the Bhagwati temple located in Palanchok of Panchkhal Municipality-9 for about ten minutes on Wednesday morning. She reached the temple at ten thirty in the morning. This is the third time after becoming the President that he has offered prayers at the temple. Last year, worship in the temple was suspended due to the high risk of corona infection.

The head of the state has a tradition of having darshan of Palanchok Bhagwati on the occasion of Baradshah. President Bhandari was welcomed by District Coordination Committee President Uddhav KC, Panauti Mayor Bhim Nupane, Dhulikhel Mayor Ashok Kumar Banju, Banepa Mayor Laxminar Singh Wade Shrestha, Palanchok Bhagwati Development and Service Committee Chairman Shivram Pokharel, Panchkhal Nagar Deputy Chief Laxmi Danuvar and Other locals did. Representative.

The President landed in a helicopter at the Nepal Army Peace Training Center in Panchkhal and was taken to the temple, about five kilometers away, amidst tight security.

The Lichchavi legend mentions that Palanchok Bhagwati, founded in the time of Mandev I in about 425 AD, is one of the sisters of Palanchok Bhagwati, Naxalite Bhagwati and Shobha Bhagwati. Devotees visit this temple especially on Dashain, Magha-sankranti and Vaishakh Purnima.

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