Problem inserting telecom e-sim in google phone

Telecom started distributing e-SIM, what are the features?
6 October, Kathmandu. The e-SIM started distribution by Nepal Telecom has shown problems in some mobile phones. Telecom started distribution of e-SIM from August 31.

However, when e-SIM is installed in the set of some companies, there is a problem that even the physical SIM in the set itself does not work and the operating system of the phone gets damaged.

The IMEI number is not visible in the mobile set having such problems. After scanning the QR code for the e-SIM of the telecom, many customers get into trouble after seeing the problem in the phone.

Nepal Tekilam has not been able to find out what kind of problem it is. Telecom spokesperson Shovan Adhikari says that such a problem has come in the Google Pixel 6 phone.

‘We have started efforts to solve this problem,’ he said, adding that ‘such a problem has been seen in one of Google’s models.’ There is also the issue of not supporting e-SIM in some sets.

The issue of the device being ‘corrupted’ by the e-SIM software has caused problems for some customers. In such sets there is a problem that the SIM card does not work, but Wi-Fi is supported.

According to a Telecom spokesperson, the technical team has been activated to solve the problem seen in the Google phone. “There is no problem with the other phone,” he said.

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