Proposal to install barbed wire on Nepal-India border through the film ‘Barbed Wire’

Kathmandu. Through the film ‘Barbed Tar’ directed by Naval Khadka, barbed wire has been proposed to manage the border between Nepal and India.

The film’s production team also discussed with the president of the student body while making such a proposal at an event held in Kathmandu on Friday. Khadka, the coordinator and director of the barbed wire campaign on the border, said that the open border is dangerous for Nepal.

“Through the film, we have proposed that barbed wire be installed. We want to protect the country, nationality and sovereignty through the film.

Khadka said that films made in the spirit of patriotism in the country have become defensive and the situation has become complicated due to the film Bajaria. He alleged that even though Hollywood and Bollywood understood the cultural aspects of the film, the Nepalese rulers did not.

Anarsaviyu president Sunita Baral said the organization would support the barbed wire campaign proposed by the film. I have seen tears of loss of land because of borders. I am a witness to that situation,’ he said, ‘all should be united on the issue of nationality.’

He said that citizens should be made aware to take forward the ‘Prosperous Nepal, Sukhi Nepali’ campaign, he said that such a campaign would be possible only when they were united.

All-Revolutionary President Pancha Singh said that the youth should fight against the anti-national character of the touts and would support the organization in the barbed wire campaign. He said that external forces want to make Nepal a playground and they should be opposed.

Naval association president Dujang Sherpa said everyone should support the operation. “The barbed wire campaign is not a specific issue, it is a country issue. Since the government and the opposition together passed the map of Chukche. “Everyone should be united on the border issue,” he said. Ready to cooperate on the issue.”

Federation of Journalists President Vipul Pokharel said that the barbed wire proposal made by the film has come before the citizens and the public will decide on it. President Pokharel said that Nepali journalism has contributed the most in promoting nationalism. He also said that films should be made on the principle of social responsibility.

Executive produced by Satyakala Rai, the film stars Naval along with Gaurav Pahari, Surbina Karki, Revika Gurung and others in lead roles. The film is ready to release soon. The film raised the issue of India’s trespass on the Nepalese border.

Khadka has previously produced films like Kranti, Awaaz, Dasgaja and Bhimdutt.

Photo: Vikas Shrestha / Online News

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