Province 2. issued two ordinances in

Province 2.  issued two ordinances in

State Head of State 2 Harishankar Mishra

23 October, Janakpurdham. The two state chiefs of the state, Harishankar Mishra, issued two ordinances on Tuesday.

According to his office, on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers, Mishra has issued an ordinance for setting up a State Technical University and an ordinance for arranging a State Agricultural University.

The state government had on November 26 recommended an ordinance to take forward the process of setting up an agricultural university at Rajbiraj and a technical university at Birgunj.

The Ordinance states that it is necessary to establish a State Level Agricultural and Technical University for timely, comprehensive, practical and standardized high level of manpower generation and research related to agriculture and technology in the field of agriculture and technology.

Source: OnlineKhabar