Qatar World Cup could be my last: Neymar

Qatar World Cup could be my last: Neymar

September 25, Kathmandu. Brazilian football star Neymar has said that the World Cup in Qatar could be his last.

The 29-year-old Neymar has said that the Qatar World Cup could be his last because of his mental side. However, he added that he is still physically strong.

In an interview with video streaming service DAJN, he said, “I think 2022 Qatar is my last World Cup in the world. Because even then I don’t know if I have the mental ability to play football or not.”

Regarding the Qatar World Cup, he said, “I will try my best to be in good shape, win the country and fulfill my childhood dream and I think I can do it.”

During the conversation, Neymar also recalled the incident of his back injury in the 2014 World Cup. ‘This is one of the worst events of my life. It shattered my dream of playing in the World Cup. I cried uncontrollably’, she remembered.

‘They took me to the hospital. The doctor looked at me and said – I have two news, one happy and the other sad. What do you want to hear first? “Tell me the bad news,” Neymar said. “You’re out of the World Cup.” Weeping, I asked, what is the good news? “If the injury was two centimeters to the side, you wouldn’t be able to walk again,” he said.

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