Rajesh Payal’s challenge to Naval: I am watching Hindi love song 3, will anyone call me a traitor?

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Kathmandu. Singer Rajesh Payal Rai is busy these days in the TV reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal’. He is also sharing his thoughts from time to time on the TV screen.

The ‘Prem Geet 3’ controversy, which has become a hot cake in the Nepali entertainment world, did not even touch ‘Rai is King’. The singer, who is also interested in politics, society and other matters, has opened his mouth on the ‘Prem Geet 3’ controversy.

He writes on Facebook, ‘I have started watching in Nepali, I watch in Hindi language too. Is there anyone who calls me a traitor?’ After demanding similar feature of Nepali language in Hindi version of Prem Geet 3, Film Producers Association President Naval Khadka called the makers of Prem Geet 3 as anti-national and anti-national.

Even though Khadka said these things in a discussion convened by Film Development Board chairman Bhuvan KC, he has remained silent on his statement. In such a situation, singer Rai has written such a status challenging Khadka’s expression.

The Hindi version of ‘Prem Geet 3’ is yet to be censored. The Film Development Board has said that foreign films can be censored only after going through the same process.

Celebrities are divided in favor and against this controversy.

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