Rakuten brings Viber custom TEN lenses in partnership with Coca-Cola

Rakuten brings Viber custom TEN lenses in partnership with Coca-Cola

Kathmandu. Rakuten Viber has introduced the Custom Ten Lens feature in partnership with Coca-Cola. With over a billion users worldwide in the field of cross-platform messaging and voice communication, Rakuten Viber believes that lenses play a vital role in bringing conversations to life, not just ‘words’.

According to a press release issued by Rakuten, it is a special trend for Viber to introduce a range of new and exciting features on the occasion of festivals. This practice is said to be a continuation of the same trend of the cochlear viber.

Rakuten Viber: Coca-Cola has introduced custom TEN Lenses to make it easier for Nepali Viber users to exchange festive joys, excitement, virtual greetings and intimate feelings with their loved ones.

Introduced in collaboration with Coca-Cola, Viber’s Coca-Cola Dashain lens is the first of many other interesting features. This ambitious collaboration between Viber’s Rakuten Viber and Coca-Cola aims to bring exciting features to the Nepali users of Viber in the coming days.

Talking about the collaboration with Viber, Coca-Cola Nepal and Bhutan Country Director Adarsh ​​Awasthi said, “Like our beverages, these lenses will surely bring excitement, excitement and freshness to users’ interactions.

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