Raswapa ahead of other parties in MP’s lobby, who is raising how much?

11 January, Kathmandu. At one point, the UML was ahead of other parties in collecting the monthly levy from MPs. Now the National Independent Party has gone ahead of them.

The regular salary of a member of the House of Representatives is Rs 67,000 and the allowance is around Rs 1 lakh. The Rashtriya Swatantra Party is going to collect a monthly levy of about half the salary i.e. Rs 25,000.

Some MPs have expressed their displeasure, saying that the levy has been allocated in excess of the capacity.

The UML used to collect a monthly levy of Rs 13,000 from MPs during the term of the previous House of Representatives. The Congress used to collect a monthly levy of Rs 10,000. Both the major parties are yet to fix the levy fee this time.

Similarly, during the last parliament, the Maoist center used to collect a monthly levy of Rs 12,000. Maoist Central Office Secretary Shriram Dhakal has said that this time also it will be maintained.

Rashtriya Prajatantra Party collects Rs 15,000 per month as monthly levy for MPs.

Jaspa used to charge 10,000 per month in the previous Parliament. Party spokesperson Manish Suman said that a decision will be taken soon on how much to field the new MP.

Unified Samajwadi collects Rs 12,000 per month as levy from MPs. The CK Raut-led Janmat Party is yet to decide on this. Party Vice President Deepak Sah said that the party’s parliamentary party and executive will consider this.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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