reckless spenders in the night of vengeance

reckless spenders in the night of vengeance

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. A charming entrance in the form of ‘Bigg Boss’ in the background. front stage. Colorful rays scattered on the stage. From the same eye of the wall a naked girl appears. Along with the song, his body starts moving mechanically. The sound of the song gradually gets louder-

‘Ya Re Yai Re Jor Lagke Nache Re’

Come with me, Lele, the colors of the world

Hoja Rangeela Re ‘..’

The hordes of people who come to enjoy the colorful night carelessly make Thamel intoxicated. Nightclubs from double evenings, discos, dance bars keep the visitors awake to fulfill orders.

The atmosphere is getting more intoxicated by the mixed smell of hookah smoke and alcohol. Holding a pole standing on the stage, the dancer presents herself as a pole dancer. Turning to the stage, a sofa is set up around it, where the youth are seated in a mood of humour. They also dance to the tune of the song. On a glass table in front of him is a pile of money along with wine and hookah. The sexier the dancer, the more money falls on the stage.

A man gets up from the sofa while dancing. He signals the dancer to come closer to him. They dance for a while holding the dancer’s hand. Then they throw some money from the table around the dancer’s head. His friends are laughing out loud.

In parallel, two pairs of young men are having fun on the sofa. In this, a young woman wearing a short one piece is wasting money carelessly. She wants to dance leaving alcohol, hookah and snacks on the table. She also tries to climb the stage from time to time. But, his feet are numb. She calls the man who is dancing on the stage. For a few moments Vindas dances in the mercury. And she raises money with enthusiasm.

“Brother, shall we also sit there?” Dressed in fitting jeans and a T-shirt, a lot of make-up on her face, a girl of about 22-25 years old asks politely. A victim’s friend whispers, “If they were allowed to stay here, they would be given beer and hookah.” The girl does not use force. Frustrated, she goes to the bar and starts flirting with her friends.

There are about a dozen sofas and cabins. However, there are more employees than customers. The waiters are in black and white shirts. Half a dozen young women in skirts, one piece and fitting jeans are ‘welcoming’ customers. There is another group of maidens and maidens, who are dancing colorfully in lush gestures.

Kathmandu’s Durbar Road at Night

to be satisfied

Leaving the Jytha route of Thamel and left directly for BhagwatiSthan. As the night progresses, the density increases. The most popular nightclub is LOD (Lord of Drinks) right there as far as the young Laskers are concerned.

On one side of the road is a girl. Dressed in high heels, a dark red skirt, a golden and bright colored T-shirt and a small handbag, she stands as if she is posing for a picture as a model. Her face was shining in the light of the street lights, standing very carefully and patiently.

A man in his twenties comes up to him and talks for a few moments. The man walks away, and the young woman follows him.

‘come come. Look inside,’ says a young man, pointing to a narrow and somewhat dark door, ‘to be satisfied, or to return. ,

“What’s inside?” We ask with understanding. ‘Everything is needed,’ says the young man, giving a confident diplomatic reply. When you walk down the narrow, narrow path a charming door appears. There is a security guard standing there, who hastened to open the door.

The sofa is similarly decorated from the inside. There is a stage in front. But, no dance is song. No customers. Instead, about half a dozen young women are enjoying their own tunes. Some are using mobile phones, some are smoking cigarettes and some are talking among themselves.

As soon as they see a new visitor, they cordially surround him as if the visitor were Rano Mauri. ‘What to eat brother, what shall we serve?’ A young girl with a small doll and dyed hair asks while trying to add her face.

“Let’s take a look at the menu.”

‘Look at the menu, don’t say what you like to eat. Whatever you get,’ says the same young woman, feeling a little overwhelmed.

As soon as he comes out, he looks angry. Outside, the young men are inviting other customers, ‘Come in, have a look. I want to stay. ,

Turning from the Employees’ Provident Fund building, two women are walking along the road leading to Jyata Marg. There are two large thermoses and some plastic glasses in the front. Some cigarettes and pollen in the bag. ‘Eat tea,’ says a woman as she approaches.


Suddenly there was a stir in Nursing Chowk. Police has arrested a youth. The youths are trying to forcefully run away. Two other male and female cops are on the move. The man runs away. The woman is chased by the police and taken away for some time.

Love happens for a while.

“What happened sir?”

“He walks around with a bottle of liquor,” says the policeman.

“And you beat me?”

“Did he leave his mouth empty instead of carrying the bottle?” Says the policeman.

Two things seem to be essential in the night life of the city, security and music. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Heavy Metal Fusion Music with Ghazals and Folk Songs. Young people indulging in different types of alcohol and hookah smoking.

As night approaches, Thamel’s intoxication increases. Light hull tanneries swirl. They whisper, whisper at the street light.

“Do you always go to the club at night, do you always drink like that?” we ask

“No, they don’t,” says the police. Today we tried to control that little boy from drinking alcohol by taking a bottle.

Is night life quiet in Kathmandu?

‘You’re fine, you’re fine. There is no such thing. ,

Thamel changes his form as the clock ticks. Here the colors of day and night are different. The voice is different. And, the smell/smell is different.

Artists performing a song at a ghazal bar on Durbar Road in Kathmandu

The colorful ‘Lundar’ floating in the air as the sun sets from the Chandragiri Hill, the electric sound of ‘Om Mani Padme’ and the aroma of golden incense make Thamel a spiritual city. But, as the night falls, Thamel becomes vengeful. Jazz, Metal, Rock and Blues sounds with Ghazals and Folk songs. Mixed smell of alcohol and hookah. And scattered bright and colorful light everywhere.

In such a colorful night, the crowd of people who come to enjoy casually makes Thamel intoxicated. Double evenings, discos, dance bars, nightclubs are always on the lookout for visitors.

Who comes to enjoy the nightlife of the city? urban teen? Money Tannery? Rich kids? Merchant?

A victim says, ‘Everything happens. But most of them look like adults in their 30s and 40s. Most of the time they come only to replace this expensive night. Especially on weekends. Some prefer Helen for the regular nightlife.

“You have to pay Rs 2-3 lakh per night for a single table in LOD,” he said. Millions fly in a single night.’

Thamel is a major tourist destination of Kathmandu at night

tea eat tea

Turning from the Employees’ Provident Fund building, two women are walking along the road leading to Jyata Marg. There are two large thermoses and some plastic glasses in the front. Some cigarettes and pollen in the bag.

‘Eat tea,’ says a woman as she approaches.

“How much is a cup of tea?”

‘..How much?’ She herself was confused, ‘Maybe 25, milk tea.’

“Don’t you know the price of the tea you sell yourself?”

“Not a single cup has been sold yet,” said another woman, who came for the first time today.

She is a resident of Ramechhap. He has rented a room in Jamal. Another woman is slightly older than him. She is a dolpaki. She has come to Kathmandu along with her husband and two children for treatment of stomach ache. My husband started carrying heavy burden for the treatment. He took a room in Jamal and took care of the children. Both the sisters live side by side in the same tent.

“I haven’t read, I don’t know anything,” she said. “That’s why we have come here today to sell tea.” But, will the tea be sold or not? Is it possible to sell tea overnight? They were confused.

“Earlier, the police were saying you can’t stay here,” he said. what do you mean? ,

To sell two thermos of tea, they are ready to leave the warm bed, fall asleep and stay overnight. But how much tea in a drunken city?

Artists performing a song in a cafe on Durbar Marg

the night is not alone

When the whole city is asleep, the palaces and streets of the central city wake up. These are just some of the targeting shareware you can use. From Lok Dohori, Ghazal Restaurant to Disco Thek and Night Club, do not let you sleep here.

Enjoying the melodious music of Ghazals, having a family gathering or going to discos and dancing with your friends? Willingly. There one can be entertained till two o’clock, that is, the whole night. The nightlife which had slowed down during the time of Covid is now slowly waking up. The process of opening new restaurants and clubs for night service has started.

Photo/Video: Gaurav Yonjan

Source: OnlineKhabar

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