Researchers have developed an AI technology that can detect eye diseases

Researchers develop AI system to improve eye disease detection
Kathmandu. A team of international researchers from Australia, the United States and China has developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that can detect eye diseases. Researchers from Monash University, Sun Yat-sen University, Beijing EagleVision Technology, Beijing Tunggren Eye Center, Capital Medical University and Miami Miller School have developed a ‘Comprehensive AI Retinal Expert’ (care system).

According to the researchers, the ‘Care System Funds Photography’ has been developed in conjunction with deep learning. Those who have been trained to use the data by doing ‘case studies’ of retinal disease.

Fundraising photography is a process of taking pictures of the inside of the eye to detect retinal disease. This care system can detect about 14 common retinal diseases.

Researchers say the care system could do as many as 16 eye specialists. After several internal and external tests, the system is now ready for large scale testing. Initially, CARE will have a commercial launch in China and in the coming days in the Asia-Pacific region, the researchers said.

Researchers have developed an AI technology that can detect eye diseases.

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