Sagar and Prism’s ‘breakup’!

Sagar is forced to confess his love for Prism

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. Sagar Lamsal is a popular model in music videos. Sagar, who came into the limelight with the comedy serial ‘Bhadrgol’, also made a name for himself in the music video. Sagar has been in love with model Prisma Khatiwada for some time now. However, Sagar and Prisma never accept the news that they are in love.

But for the past few months, Prisma and Sagar have stopped appearing in videos together. They have been sharing pictures together on social media and have not posted any pictures recently.

At the same time, there is a discussion in the music market that their love has taken a break. A source told the news online that Sagar and Prism had parted ways only a few months back.

Sagar was saying that he would get married in February this year. There were speculations that he would be married to Prism. Sources claim that due to not agreeing on this, there was a rift between the two.

Sagar and Prisma did not want their relationship to be public. Prisma was appealing to the media not to ask about the ‘breakup’.

Sagar and Prism are currently starring in their own way in the music video.

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