Salon apologizes for ‘Superhero’ controversy: ‘I don’t understand’

Salon apologizes for 'Superhero' controversy: 'I don't understand'

A few days earlier, the protagonist Salon Basnet was criticized for making a statement in an interview that asked, “What is the definition of a superhero?” The salon had landed in controversy after his father Shobhit Basnet apologized.

Now the same salon has apologized on social media. He wrote- ‘Excuse me Nepali people. Time was of the essence, I was confused and could not understand. This is where I got hooked. I have fallen in love with that history. Before I could understand anything, a great man showed the world of cinema through the film ‘Nepali Babu’.

He further writes, “While working in the film Karma, I shaved my head for another great figure, even though I was my father, and he showed the sacrifice and importance of the film. I found Karnaveer, Thuloo, Arshivad, Had the opportunity to work with the most successful pioneers of the film industry and learned the skills of a true hero in most of the films like Hami Tin Bhai, Anmol. I considered myself the luckiest artist of my generation. I didn’t know that day. Will come when I have to differentiate between them.’

He said that he could not think and could not speak fluently. He wrote- ‘My ego, my pride, my religion, my karma, where I learned, separating that face from 1, 2, 3 seemed much higher than my status. The word choice was wrong but I didn’t think wrong with my mind. I want to apologize to everyone. I could never think of anything other than movies in my life. This is my truth, don’t get me wrong.’

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