Samsung brings advanced feature ‘Expert Raw Camera’ app for photo connoisseurs

Samsung brings advanced feature 'Expert Raw Camera' app for photo connoisseurs
Kathmandu. Samsung’s camera app is already available with a host of features including Single Take, Director’s View, ATK (8K) Video Snap. But you are a very connoisseur of photography and what would you do if you needed more features?

Now rest assured, you will get a camera app with features like RAW support. The company has just released a separate app for this. Samsung has unveiled the Expert Raw camera app as a beta version in the Galaxy Store.

Features include multi-frame based 16-bit RAW support, ultra-wide, telephoto and periscope cameras. Compared to the previous app, the app has the facility to shoot RAW using only the main and ultra wide cameras.

of samsung company mediatorThis allows you to achieve refined sharpness, detail and dynamic range of RAW shots, according to multi-concept means. In addition, the Expert Raw app offers HDR, quality JPEG support, Pro Mode controls (e.g. shutter speed, exposure, manual focus and histogram) and the ability to export Raw profiles to Adobe’s Lightroom.

However, the weakness of this limited-publicized app is that at the moment it can only be used on Galaxy S21 Ultra and Android 12. But Samsung’s moderators said in their comments that the Expert Raw app can be used on other devices including Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy Tab S5e.

For the photo enthusiasts, Samsung has introduced the ‘Expert Raw Camera’ app with advanced features.

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