Samsung’s new smartphone took pictures of the moon, Elon Musk was also surprised

Kathmandu. Samsung company has recently released Galaxy S23, the latest version of its Galaxy S series.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the most expensive and powerful smartphone among the three models released in the Galaxy S23 series.

This smartphone is also the most expensive smartphone of Samsung till date. Samsung has been making various claims regarding the camera of this smartphone. Twitter CEO and billionaire Elon Musk has also been impressed with the camera zoom of the smartphone, which houses a 200-megapixel main camera.

Elon Musk, used to praising others, has openly praised the camera in Samsung’s latest premium smartphone Galaxy S23 Ultra. He tweeted about it. A video in which the Galaxy S23 Ultra captured a clear picture of the moon was shared on Twitter and Musk commented on the video saying, “Wow.”

Marcus Bronley, an American YouTuber, posted the video on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

In the video, he has shown what it looks like when the moon is photographed at 100x zoom from the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Along with the video, he wrote in a tweet, ‘I don’t know who would need to photograph the moon 100 times? But for this the Galaxy S23 Ultra phone is available for you.

I Don’t Know Who Needs To Take 100x Photos Of The Moon, But Clearly The Galaxy S23 Ultra Is The Phone For You

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) February 7, 2023

In response to the tweet, Elon Musk was surprised and wrote wow. This means that he is quite impressed with the S23 Ultra’s camera. In fact, the smartphone’s camera captured a very good picture of the moon, just like a professional camera.

Remember, a 200-megapixel sensor has been used in this phone. Also, it has an Adaptive Pixel which can capture the picture with great detail.

According to the company, the Super Quad Pixel AF feature can be used to focus on anything being photographed up to 50 percent faster. The selfie camera of this smartphone is also equipped with dual pixel autofocus technology.

Nightography technology has been used in the camera of Galaxy S23 Ultra. Because of this, this camera can take amazing selfies even in low light.

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