Sandeep came to Nepal to surrender after the FBI located him in Florida

20 October, Kathmandu. In the past, when Sandeep Lamichhane landed at Tribhuvan International Airport, his fans used to wait. The media persons were waiting for a reply.

The gate of the special (VIP) room of the airport was open for Lamichhane. Since there could be a crowd on his arrival, senior police officers were deputed to manage the security.

Passengers who met him at the airport would rush to take selfies with him.

However, when Lamichhane landed in Kathmandu at 11 am on Thursday, the situation was different. This time a team of police was waiting for him at the airport with an arrest warrant.

The Qatar Airways flight to Lamichhane was to land in Kathmandu at 10 am. Due to some delay due to bad weather it took another hour.

As soon as he got down, Nepali policemen put him in the microphone. At other times, certain people were brought to the VIP room in this manner. This time the police handed over the microphone to Lamichhane for raping a minor.

Lamichhane was silent when he got into the car with the police. But after being handcuffed, he felt uncomfortable with the black face.

Shyamlal Gyawali, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Tribhuvan International Airport Security Office, said that it was here that the arrest warrant was handed over to him.

He got down from the car and reached the ‘Arrival’ reception. After the process of immigration there was completed, the police handcuffed him. Advocate Sarojkrishna Ghimire said Lamichhane was asked not to be handcuffed at the airport and was told that he would surrender himself.

But according to Bharat Bahadur Bohora, head of Kathmandu’s district police complex, the police had not received any such request. “Even if there is a petition, no one can be called a VIP or a prominent figure in the eyes of the law,” Bohora told news online.

Lamichhane was silent when he got into the car with the police. But after being handcuffed, he felt uncomfortable with the black face. Seeing the media persons sitting outside taking photographs, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket wearing a black mask, black cap and white tracksuit. And tried to hide his hand.

The Police Circle, Gaushala had already written to the Immigration Department asking her to facilitate her arrest as a case of raping a minor was registered against her.

The letter was communicated to the Tribhuvan International Airport Security Office. Accordingly, police were deployed to arrest him as soon as he landed at the airport.

Lamichhane was located in Florida

On August 21, a 17-year-old girl lodged a complaint of rape against Lamichhane in the police circle of the Gaushala.

Two days after the minor’s complaint of rape, the police took permission from the district court of Kathmandu for arrest. After the arrest warrant was issued, Lamichhane was suspended from captaincy of the national team by the Nepal Cricket Association (CAN).

He had returned from America with an idea that he could be arrested at any time. Although he has not returned yet, he will be deported to Nepal within two weeks. – Officials of NCB Kathmandu

After being suspended, Lamichhane wrote a status on social networking site Twitter saying that he will abide by the laws of Nepal and will face the charges against him. He had said that he would leave the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) in Jamaica and return to Nepal in a few days.

But he remained without contact for a month. How did Lamichhane come to Kathmandu after almost a month asking to surrender on Thursday? Where was he in the meantime?

According to an official involved in the investigation, it has been revealed that Lamichhane has reached America. And, according to the investigating officers, Lamichhane returned to Nepal because of Interpol.

Recently, after losing contact with Cain, the Nepal Police, through the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), began the process of extraditing him to Nepal.

Information about Lamichhane reached police in 195 countries, after Interpol Headquarters issued a dissemination notice at the request of Interpol’s National Control Bureau (NCB), Kathmandu.

“Since he has visas for countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, we prioritized and coordinated searches there,” an NCB Kathmandu official told news online. located him.”

According to him, he was told that he had reached America as soon as the notice was issued.

“In the US, cases such as minor rape and child pornography are taken seriously, and the FBI has prioritized and explored these issues,” the official said, adding that the FBI sent information to Nepal Police that Lamichhane was located in a Florida hotel . ,

When the FBI began tracking his activities there, Lamichhane was taken by surprise. According to the investigating officers, after the issue of the diffusion notice, the process of bringing him to Nepal was started after completing the court process.

“He came back from the US with the trick that he could be arrested anytime,” says an Interpol official, adding that “if he hadn’t returned, he would have been deported and returned to Nepal within two weeks.” go.”

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How did the incident happen? What is the next process?

A month ago, the victim along with her family went to the police circle of Gaushala and lodged a complaint of rape against the then captain of the national cricket team.

The Gaushala Police informed Bharat Bahadur Bohora, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of District Police Complex, Kathmandu, that a serious offense like rape was registered against the cricketer, which is known all over the world.

This information reached Dheeraj Pratap Singh, Chief Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Nepal Police, via Bohora via the Valley Police Office, Ranipokhari.

“After discussions, we decided to check the hotel where the rape allegedly took place before registering the complaint,” said a senior official of the Valley Police Office.

According to Gaushala, a police officer, the victim girl Lamichhane, who was studying plus two in a college in Kathmandu, was a ‘fan’.

After getting to know Lamichhane through a cricketer, she got involved with Lamichhane through Snapchat. The conversations on Snapchat are deleted as soon as the other party sees them.

According to the police, Lamichhane, who was connected in this way, had called Naya Baneshwar on August 5 to meet the victim. His statement is that Lamichhane used to call him at the hotel earlier to meet him.

At first she did not agree to meet him as it was evening that day. Lamichhane, however, said that he was on his way to Kenya the next day to play an ODI match and himself reached the girls’ hostel in Central Baneshwar.

The victim said, ‘When I came to the Chowk near the hostel, I thought I would come back after lunch’, the victim said, ‘but he took me to Nagarkot.’ According to police officials, Lamichhane took the victim to Nagarkot saying that he would return immediately.

According to an officer involved in the investigation, they were staying at the Valley View Resort in Kathmandu from 8:30 pm to 11 pm. Police have also collected footage of Closed Circuit (CC) TV there.

As mentioned in the Kitani statement given by the victim, he repeatedly asked her to return early saying that the hostel would be closed. Lamichhane kept delaying. It was 11:55 pm when we reached Kathmandu Inn, a hotel located in Pinglasthan, Kathmandu.

According to the victim, she asked to book two rooms. But Lamichhane said that only one room is vacant and both should stay in room number 305.

According to the police, the CCTV camera of the hotel also showed Lamichhane and the girl going towards the room. The victim says that Lamichhane repeatedly forced her.

Dineshraj Mainali, spokesperson of the District Police Complex, Kathmandu, says, “The court opens only on Sundays as it is a government holiday, we will extend the deadline and conduct a detailed investigation.” He said that during this time things like taking Lamichhane’s statement will be done.

What if the allegations are confirmed?

After the investigation, the police submit a report with Rai to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Kathmandu. A case has been registered in District Court, Kathmandu through Public Prosecutor.

If the charges against Lamichhane are confirmed, he could face 10 to 12 years in prison for rape only.

Sub-section (3) (d) of section 219 of the Criminal Code states that if the victim is between 16 and 18 years of age, the punishment shall be imprisonment of 10 to 12 years.

Sub-section 2 states that consensual intercourse with a girl under the age of 18 years is deemed to have been committed.

Investigating officers say that Sandeep kept her in Nagarkot for a long time with the intention of misbehaving. Therefore, since the victim is a minor, it may also attract the offense of child sexual abuse mentioned in section 255 of the Criminal Code 2074.

Sub-section (2) states that ‘child sexual abuse is committed if any child unnaturally takes a child into solitary confinement, touches the sex organs or performs any other sexually unnatural behaviour’.

A Kathmandu police officer says, “Since the place of incident is different, so this allegation can also be made.

If found guilty of child sexual abuse, he can be imprisoned for up to three years and fined up to Rs 30,000. The court has sentenced actor Paul Shah to two and a half years in jail for rape under the guise of fame.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar