Security deposit of 118 candidates seized in Parsa

Polling booth set up in Parsa’s Birgunj Jail.

16 November, Birgunj. In Parsa, 118 candidates, including two women, forfeited their deposits in the representative and state assembly elections held on November 4.

The deposits of 42 members of the House of Representatives and 76 members of the Provincial Assembly have been forfeited.

There is a legal provision that candidates must get at least 10 percent of the total Sadar votes polled in their constituency to save their deposits. The security deposit of the candidates who fail to get 10% votes will be forfeited.

Ranjita Jha, Chief District Electoral Officer, District Election Office, Parsa said that there are 53 candidates for the House of Representatives and 42 candidates for the House of Representatives and 108 candidates for the eight provincial assembly members in all the 4 constituencies of Parsa.

There are 18 candidates including LOSPA candidate Laxmanlal Karna, 21 candidates in the House of Representatives, 8 candidates in area 2 to 11, 8 candidates in area 3 to 11 and 10 candidates in area 4 to 10. District Election Office Parsa informed that it was seized.

Similarly, 18 people for Parsa 1(1) and 16 people from Parsa 1(2) have canceled the bail of 16 people due to the nomination of 20 people.

Similarly, the bonds of 10 people, including Karima Begum, former state minister of the state government and Karima Begum, the outgoing member of the state assembly, have been confiscated because in area number 2(1) 9 people have nominated, 7 people have nominated. Enrolled, and 2 out of 14 people enrolled.

Maoist center leader Sheikh Chand fielded 12 candidates for Zone 3 K1, 7 for 14 candidates for 3 K2, 7 for 10 candidates for Zone 4 K1 and 11 for 4 K2, 9 people including Tara Bail is forfeited.

10,000 for members of the House of Representatives and 5,000 for members of the Provincial Assembly. In case of women, dalits and minorities, 50 per cent exemption was given in the registration fee.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar