Shocked by the leaked nude photo: Jennifer Lawrence

Shocked by the leaked nude photo: Jennifer Lawrence

8 November, Kathmandu. Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence talks about the scariest moments of her life. She says that she is always stressed by two incidents that happened in her life.

In an interview, Jennifer said that she is always sad after a hacker leaked her nude photo on the internet. In 2014, his personal photo was leaked on the Internet. “No one has the right to see a nude picture of me without my consent,” she said in an interview. That incident has always been in my heart.

Jennifer says that another incident in her life made her weak at that time. She said she was terrified when her private plane’s engine failed when she flew to New York from her home in Louisville in 2017. She recalled that every time she boarded a plane, she would remember the same incident. “We were all going to die,” she said. I miss my family a lot.

According to Jennifer, her private jet was flying from Louisville to New York. He said that the plane made a loud noise while flying in the sky and the pilot was afraid that the engine would fail. He said that he had seen death at that time. “At the time, I thought only my skeleton had survived,” she said.

Jennifer was accompanied by her two brothers and a doctor. He said he took a deep breath after the plane made an emergency landing at Niagara International Airport. “Fire trucks and ambulances were on the runway,” she said. Luckily everything went well and we all managed to get out.

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