Shooting of Naval’s ‘Kandetar’ completes, more than Rs 3 crore will be invested

December 11, Kathmandu. The entire shooting of Nepali film ‘Kandetar’ has been completed. Director and actor Naval Khadka reported online that the shooting of the film has been completed.

“We have been able to shoot the film in 35 days in different districts of State 1 and 2,” he said. Naval has played the lead role in this film. Similarly, Gaurav Pahari, Revika Gurung, Surveena Karki, Ravindra Ranjan Jha, Muralidhar and others have acted in lead roles in the film.

Prashant Yadav, Sanjay Khatiwada, Roman Limbu, Prem Subba, Parshuram Choudhary, Rajendra Bhagat, Pannalal Choudhary, Prakash Anurag, Pushpa Shrestha, Mahesh Giri, Ravi Shah, Rameshwar Burlakoti, Keshav Raimajhi, Anju KC, Khem Nepali, Gyanendra Koirala, Ram Vishwas Tharu, Matrica Ghimire, Ritu Choudhary, Prem Karki, Prateek Shrestha, Chhabi Bairagi Ghimire and others have also starred in the film. Nadia Khadka and Sanya Khadka have worked as child actors. The film is directed by Saurabh Lama.

Written by Shivam Adhikari and Naval Khadka, the film is executive produced by Satyakala Rai. Naval said the film raises the issue of barbed wire along the Nepal-India border.

Director and actor Khadka said, “The story of the film is that barbed wire laying along the border not only protects the land between citizens and countries, but also maintains harmony with good neighbours.” Naval said that Rs 22.5 crore has been spent so far and Rs 3 crore will be invested in the film.

The production team has said that the film will be screened overseas before its public release. Similarly, charity shows of the film will be held in most districts of the country, Naval said. “We will start charity shows abroad and in the country from the new year. After that, we will display it in consultation with the distributor and the hall operator,’ he said.

Choreographed by Shree Shrestha and Kaviraj Gahatraj, the song of the film will have music by Mani Thapa and Deepak Sharma. The film will be edited by Tara Thapa ‘Kimbe’. Naval has earlier made patriotic films like ‘Dashgaza’ and ‘Bhim Dutt’.

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Himal Sanchar