Siddharth Highway dilapidated: waiting for upgrade for years

January 11, Walling. The stakeholders have insisted on upgrading the Siddharth Highway connecting Pokhara-Sanauli.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Department of Roads, Development Assistance Implementation Division, in the presence of consultants, the stakeholders demanded the upgradation of the highway in a public hearing program held at various places in Syangja.

The demand for upgradation of 157 km of Butwal-Pokhra road section under Siddharth Highway has been going on for years.

Road Department representative Yuvraj Satyal told that public hearings were held at Galyang, Diwaring, Bhirkot, Putlibazar and other places.

He said that suggestions were collected from Butwal to Pokhara. Walling Mayor Krishna Khan says, “The Siddharth Highway is very old, narrow and dilapidated, there is no option to upgrade it.”

He said that it is necessary to upgrade the highway related to the future of Siangjali.

He said that instead of being terrorized again and again, it would be better for all if the road is extended for a longer period of time.

“The future of Syangja is bright only if we can upgrade this road connecting Gautam Buddha International Airport in Bhairawa and the international airport in the tourist city of Pokhara,” he said.

Pitambar Shrestha, president of Gharatahara Bachao Sangharsh Samiti, located on the right and left side of Siddharth Highway, said that there was a protest yesterday that Gharatahara should be saved, but today’s protest has changed.

He said, “Yesterday, we protested by forming a struggle committee for the upgradation of the road.” There is a difference between yesterday’s protest and today’s protest because it can happen.

Siddharth Highway has been operational for 52 years, but it is sad that it has not been upgraded yet.

It is being claimed that about 32 km of road curves on the existing road will be shortened by cutting and widening.

Due to the winding and narrow road, there is a possibility of accidents, so there is a voice that everyone should unite and put pressure on the concerned agencies to make the journey safe.

There is a plan to upgrade the existing Siddharth Highway to two-lane bituminous standard to make it operational in all weather conditions.

Most of the 67.2 kilometer stretch of the Siddhartha Highway, a trade route connecting India, is in Saengja district.

This highway is also the main road connecting the Terai to the hills, connecting Gandaki Province and Lumbini Province.

This road is currently 6.8 to 7 meters wide. Now the upgraded road carriageway will be 7 meters wide and 1.5 meters on both sides of solder road, totaling 10 meters wide. There will be 325 pipe culverts, 433 slab culverts and 16 arch culverts on this road. Construction of 37 bridges is proposed.

It is estimated that 47.1 ha of the extended road stretch will come under forest area. There are 43 community forests and one religious forest in this road stretch.

Two thousand eight hundred and eighty six trees have to be cut from right to left during the road expansion. It is observed that the conservation of mammals, reptiles, different species of birds and different species of fish should be given attention in the project area.

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