‘Son, human values ​​are protected!’

'Son, human values ​​are protected!'

Dear son Mirov,

You are born at that crossroads of the ages, in entrance of you is the excessive mountain of the long run and I stand on this barn of historical past, in entrance of me lies the deep sea of ​​’nostalgia’. So, I’ve nothing to present you as a present in your birthday, besides a number of phrases of finest needs!

Son, man is just not merely a lump of flesh and man is just not merely clever, prudent and acutely aware. Man is a set of affection, kindness, compassion, anger, impulse, ardour, hatred, anger and many others. “So what is man?” You ask it turns into a philosophical query in itself. “How should a man be?” This is once more an idealistic query. Humans are available in quite a lot of colours, shapes, and sizes, however then people are related, normally descending. Then man himself says to man, ‘He is sensible, prudent, nice, he’s a deity.’ Turning to the opposite facet, he says, ‘He is a prison, a coward, a assassin, a thirsty one.’ This is a man-made boundary. Human beings are sentient beings and all are equal in nature.

Son, people are regular creatures. It created a society to stay and understand its existence. Created state system and order. Values ​​and beliefs had been created. and certain by the identical system and values. The ego was born. In the identical approach, it’s saving lives. He is lively in attempting to comprehend the greatness in himself. Some individuals have turn out to be nice and a few have turn out to be nugatory primarily based on the values ​​and beliefs created by this society. Man has executed loads in his try to turn out to be nice. The result’s a monopoly on possession of assets, monopoly on energy, creation of energy, creation of data, abilities, science and know-how.

Son! Education is now a commodity. It is traded around the globe, and efforts are being made to construct a manufacturing unit to fabricate human instruments. Now the battle can be between the supporters of human values, survival and human growth. In that battle you should stand agency for human values

Man needs to study and make himself superior to others and develop and benefit from the ego, like Narcissus, to see himself and be pleased. In the course of historical past, society and polity have given us many good issues within the type of tradition. With that reward, at this time’s Nepali society is filled with unity in range. Cooperation, cooperation and social integration are our invaluable treasures. Ideals are our values. On the idea of that we created Nepali tradition. But, time has not at all times developed solely good issues, many dangerous issues have developed as a tradition. So, within the subsequent decade, we’ll have to wash up lots of the rubbish in our minds.

Son, you requested me, ‘What is training? And how can or not it’s helpful in society?’ In truth, the easier your query, the larger it’s. The actual that means of educating is to make individuals perceive the worth of life, allow them to acknowledge human sensibilities and existence, educate oneself to be calm, mild and mild in tough moments of failure, combat and stroll in life’s battle. Then. Education is a way to an finish. The growth of training ought to be in accordance with human values. Education ought to be helpful for civilized human beings, neighborhood and society and will turn out to be a fringe enterprise of residing a snug life. Therefore, varied efforts are being made for this. Some training programs have been developed within the strategy of studying and educating. It is a steady course of.

As per my normal expertise, expertise and listening to, those that handed SLC examination in Nepal earlier than 2040 BS had been typically not requested for division. Pass and fail was the one situation of public concern. In the 40s and 50s, the second grade was thought of a excessive achievement. In the 50s and 60s, the primary grade was thought of a excessive achievement. The third class was typically thought of weak and the second class average. In the 60s and 70s the particular class was seen as a excessive achievement. The decrease lessons got much less significance and people who failed had been seemed down upon. All classes light within the 70s and 80s. Points are wasted. So a grading system was developed. At the identical time, the system of failure was additionally eliminated as a result of the phrase ‘fail’ was thought of an insult to human values. In the identical approach, what’s going to occur within the 80s and 90s? What will occur after that? Now the questions stay unanswered. But on this decade the period of numbers, grades, grades and bookish data is nearly sure to return to an finish. Because the current decade is just not the last decade of data; It can’t be denied {that a} decade can be a interval of conscience, empathy and human values.

Son, this decade is certain to be the last decade of administration. Knowledge, data and statistics are saved ceaselessly on the huge community of the Internet. Technology is ready to make even larger modifications within the coming a long time. In such a state of affairs, within the coming decade, there can be no books, no issues to recollect, simply life must be lived. Therefore the following decade of training can be an period of human values, empathy and administration. At that point it’s in all probability not taught, understood, as a result of it’s a matter of realizing human values ​​and emotions. Management wants prudence, studying doesn’t improve prudence. Not nice individuals, they’re pushed to be good individuals. There are many examples of nice individuals who have taken the nation to damage, tales of corruption, misconduct and crime dedicated by nice persons are advised. Some city colleges at this time insist that the standard of their education is nice and people who have struggled to get good ends in exams have to be raised. But they do not educate how you can increase road combating individuals. When this query comes within the examination, the coed who will get the marks equal to the marks is just not in a position to rise in the actual combat in his life. It can be taught that such training has no that means. People can be made to be handled as human beings, to respect labor and to not discriminate.

Not solely engineers, however individuals of all professions are equally wanted on this world. In the absence of 1, the existence of the opposite turns into at risk. All are equal by way of human values. If one considers himself superior to different individuals, he can be taught that he’s a hypocrite and illiterate. People do not turn out to be nice by studying books, diploma is only a easy formal measure, they don’t seem to be helpful for all times, they need to be trustworthy, accountable, accountable, accountable, hardworking and perceive others in their very own approach. Life is priceless however it is going to be understood that those that calculate life in financial worth, purchase and promote life and perceive it as a commodity, are the enemies of human civilization. If you shut your eyes, the world appears to be like darkish, so what you see is not at all times true. Truth has many dimensions. You should be delicate and multifaceted to know the reality. Suffering and happiness are perceptual points, they don’t have any form and should not everlasting. These are the outcomes of not understanding oneself. The happiness of the world lies in your happiness, so it is best to at all times be pleased. Blind individuals of energy, authority, wealth and status. But they’re like bubbles of water that may burst at any time. So the current training will educate that it ought to be used correctly within the common curiosity.

After all, son! Education is now a commodity. It is traded around the globe and efforts are being made to construct a manufacturing unit to fabricate human tools. The subsequent battle can be between human values, survival protection and human tools manufacturing. In that battle you should stand agency for human values. Those who consider that cash is a way to an finish and people who make individuals their machines are in a race to make a tragic historical past with sharp nails and enamel. Understanding this actuality, taking acutely aware steps on this extraordinarily advanced, advanced and severe battle. My finest needs to you.

he’s your pricey father


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