South Korea will give 2 billion for two projects

South Korea will give 2 billion for two projects

7 October, Kathmandu. South Korea will provide a grant to set up a cyber bureau for the reintegration of migrant workers. According to the finance ministry, the grant will be used to strengthen a phased support system for stable reintegration of migrant workers returning to Nepal from Korea and to set up a cyber bureau with capacity building of Nepal Police.

Finance Secretary Krishnahari Pushkar and Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Nepal Chong-suk Park signed the MoU regarding the implementation of both the projects.

For both projects, the Korean government will provide a total of US $ 16 million (about two billion rupees) to Nepal at the rate of US $ 8 million. It is said that the Korea Organization for International Cooperation will implement the projects in cooperation and coordination with relevant ministries and other government agencies.

The project, which supports immigrants returning from Korea, aims to contribute to the socio-economic development of Nepal and increase employment by increasing the stable re-integration of immigrants returning from Korea and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. The project will also create a positive circle and support system in Nepal for those returning from Korea to increase access to information and access to financial assistance through the Agricultural Development Bank Ltd.

Similarly the main objective of the Cyber ​​Bureau project is to strengthen the capability of Nepal Police against cyber crime. In which it has been mentioned that there are plans to build a state-of-the-art building of the Cyber ​​Bureau, to provide equipment related to cyber crime investigation and a digital forensic lab, to increase the capacity of the concerned manpower. Nepal Police.

In the grant agreement program, Finance Secretary Pushkar said that both these projects will be important to enable and equip the cyber bureau to control the increasing incidents of cyber crime as well as to accommodate migrant workers who have returned from Korea. Growth in society and employment in Nepal.

Ambassador Chongsuk Park expressed concern about the rate of cyber crime which is increasing widely in the world and also in Nepal and said that the Cyber ​​Crime Control Project will play an important role in enhancing the capability of Nepal Police to control cyber crime. will help. He said that through projects related to immigrants returned from Korea, a large number of people who have returned from Korea can use their skills to create jobs through setting up of enterprises and contribute to the economic development of the country.

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