State power from a country that is against love and intercourse

State power from a country that is against love and intercourse

According to police data, there have been over 8,000 rapes and over 3,100 rape attempts in Nepal in the last five financial years. Around 60,000 cases of domestic violence have been registered during this period. We rarely hear/read about rape or attempted rape in developed countries. Because in those countries sexual relations do not come under the purview of society. Even more bluntly, the police do not crack down on sex and love.

The police do not intervene when they meet a couple at a restaurant or resort or park. We have a wide range of interventions. The entire state power in our country is working against love and sex. We are not allowed to talk openly about sex and love. The business that flourishes the most is the one that is widely restricted. This is what happened in Nepal.

Nepal is one of the Southeast Asian countries where sex is considered anti-social behavior. The more it is pressed, the more it explodes. Police administration in other countries focuses on peace and security. The focus is on border security.

The police administration of our country conducts raids on restaurants, resorts and hotels, arrests couples and demands bribes. Even a married couple is afraid to stay in our hotel because if the police come, they have to show their marriage certificate. In a country where a married couple has to carry a marriage certificate for life, women are being raped every day. This is a very shameful and ironic thing.

This odd situation is because the state has considered sex as a hoax and a very serious matter. Serious prostitution trade is flourishing inside. The number of abuses and rapes against women dropped by 90 per cent since the day the state declared that love and sex are not a crime and recognized sex workers as a profession. The more you press, the more dire the results.

The government is sending people abroad unannounced, “Don’t have sex in Nepal, go abroad.” It is useless for the government to go abroad and do whatever it wants in the name of sending remittances.

Children in Nepal are also using social media. As a result, ten to eleven-year-olds begin to display adulthood. Whereas the law does not allow them to marry before the age of twenty.

While the law is raising the age of marriage, those who wish to marry have begun to have children before they become adults. Can a child who is able to Facebook and chat at the age of ten except one, can live without intercourse until the age of twenty? Yes, that’s where the problem starts.

Social media and the cyber world have been widely misused in rape cases. Saying no to sex, saying no to love, is helping to increase the number of acts of covert and coerciveness. Therefore, it is too late to legalize hidden prostitution in Nepal if the incidence of rape is to be reduced.

Gaza is considered a drug and illegal under Nepalese law. Whereas developed countries have started adopting it as a treatment for diseases like cancer. The law is the path of reform, but when the law compels us to follow the path of light, people rejoice in the light. And it is natural for people to be on one side of the law.

Most of the hotels on the highway are also a source of income for the police. Such businesses are the primary source of election expenditure for gangsters and political activists. Most of the famous resorts and hotels in Nepal are owned by famous politicians.

These same leaders go to the hotel/resort they have invested in to get refreshed and refreshed. At least make it legal for those women to earn a living. They are being exploited two or three times. Those who are willing can take up the same profession, at least they should not be raped.

Nirmala, when are you going to die in Anak? The propensity to work is so strong in some men and women that it cannot be fulfilled by marriage alone. Their free will for sex is stronger than free sex. This trend is active in prostitution of married men and extramarital affairs of married women. Society is dynamic.

Neither the law nor the priests can stop this movement. Better yet, make it legal. Police have not handcuffed the couple who went to a resort in the European-American country. Rape is allowed in Nepal – lovers are punished.

Transformation of society is not just about people becoming rich. Change is also related to the happiness and peace of the person. People want security. He does not want anyone to interfere in his personal affairs. Even if the thief steals anything, he calls the intervention of the police bad. Spiritualists may be fond of spiritual pleasures, and materialists may be fond of material pleasures.

The individual should define that the actions done without causing harm to the individual/society are not wrong. And only society can lead. If we’re criminalizing love and sex, what could be more conservative than that? Men were earlier barred from entering a beauty parlor opened by a woman. Now most men enter. Times have not changed, we have changed. Only when we change will we feel that times have changed.

According to Encyclopdia Britannica, prostitution is the act of having sex with an acquaintance or stranger in exchange for immediate payment of money or other valuables. In other words, ‘hybrid sex established for profit’ is called prostitution. Love and emotional element is lacking here but it is a profession like any other profession. Unlike rape, adultery does not spread here and it is different from other irregular sexual relations. The Sanskrit dictionary gives different names to women who take up this profession.

There are different opinions about the existence of prostitution. The existence of prostitution was generally known at least a thousand years ago, but with the development of the economic era, the status of prostitutes has also changed. In this context, the socialist era developed and with the development of the imperialist era, women were used as prey.

Even a married couple is afraid to stay in our hotel because if the police come, they have to show their marriage certificate. In a country where a married couple has to carry a marriage certificate for life, women are being raped every day. What a shame and irony.

A woman was regarded as a luxury, an object of pleasure, and a puppet of sensuality while she pursued her art and dance profession, but it was gradually used by so-called men as a form of pleasure for one’s body. Woman.

Feudal people subjected women to social cruelty and inequality. In order to humiliate the woman from the hungry feudal, luxuriant wolves in the society, her parents sent her to the shelter of God by calling her a maid, daughter and servant of God. At that time and even today women are called Deuki, Jhuma. There she was named ‘Apsara’, ‘Pari’.

The so-called followers of the Lord declared the same women as bhogyas so that their youth, form, beauty would be retained there. They were respected, but God’s contractors sat there and made women objects of obscenity and nudity. And by naming this ritual, a woman’s sexuality was made an object of pleasure and she was made a slave of God. He was made to dance in front of the idol of God. After that, sex trade unions and dialogues were formed and presented to the society in the same way.

As the society progressed on the path of development, prostitution also changed. ‘Like other industries this profession, prostitution (professional sex) has also emerged as an industry. It is true that unlike other industries, this industry never complains about the lack of buyers. Selling sex or selling it for sex is an act in which even the poor and uneducated can easily enter.

Adolescence and physical attractiveness are its essential qualities. ‘Prostitution is a profession that continuously ensures that poor women will always remain poor and illiterate except for the lucky few.’ But in many parts of Asia, prostitution is booming as a means of livelihood and security.

There are thousands of brothels in today’s Bombay city in India, in which more than one lakh prostitutes do business. According to the Human Rights Commission, there are about 1.5 million prostitutes in India. Whereas in Mumbai more than one lakh prostitutes are involved in prostitution. Most of the brothels in India have Nepali girls.

If the same profession is exempted from going to India and the same profession is taken into police custody in Nepal, then the law in Nepal needs to be reformed and the state needs to look into it. Millions of tourists visit Thailand every year because of sex tourism. It has also helped in eradicating poverty and hunger. Sex tourism plays an important role in the country’s income.

Promoting prostitution is also a crime in a developing country like ours. It is illegal to transmit any type of sexual service advertisement or phone number by any means. Similarly, prostitution is taking place in the name of immoral activities or massage club, beauty parlor or spa.
It is restricted to law abiding only, it is open to others. If we look at this issue socially, then trafficking and prostitution is not acceptable in a civilized society under any circumstances. But the market for sex workers and prostitution in Nepal is still growing. Prostitution is happening not only in the lunch house but also inside the beauty parlor. The activity of sex workers in Nepal is very different from our expectation and thinking. The apprehension of Nepali youths shaken by the westerly winds has become so strong that no one can stop them.

Society and the dynamics of society is also a source of law. Laws are made to regulate the society. Wherever the society goes, the law goes back on that path, the law also guides the society, but if the law does not allow the dynamics of the society to flow, then the society is still spreading towards criminalization and crime will not end.

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