Struggling to get back on track

Struggling to get back on track

September 21, Kathmandu. Jadon Sancho, who moved to Manchester United from Borussia Dortmund, has looked sluggish at the start of the 2020/21 season. He did well in the Bundesliga. He was expected to maintain the same rhythm in the Premier League.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaere has also given Sancho a chance by putting Rasford on the bench. But he has not been able to prove himself.

“I think Sancho should be in the team because he is creative, fearless, capable, honest and ready to contribute as much as he can to the success of Manchester United,” Solskjaer said last August. I think so.

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According to Transfer Market, the 21-year-old’s market value has dropped from €100 million to €90 million since moving to Manchester United.

Sancho has played two Premier League matches so far. But so far they have not been able to score any goal. However, he was instrumental in last year’s 2-1 win over Villarreal.

Solskjirr still seems to be convinced of Sancho. “Jadon looked special against Villarreal on Wednesday,” he said. I think he also understands the relationship with the supporters.

“He hasn’t scored yet, but that night (Wednesday) I thought about how much pressure Jadon was in that game,” Solskjaer said. He is confident that in the days to come, Sancho will show his game and be among the top players. United coach Salzaczire says he can learn a lot from top players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani.

Criticism of Gareth Southgate

England football coach Gareth Southgate has said that Manchester United made a mistake in bringing Sancho into the team.

According to Southgate, who once included Sancho in the England team, Sancho is no longer in form. Stating that Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in England, Southgate said that Sancho did not qualify for the club. He said it was important to brief Sanchez on the Manchester United process.

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