Successful test of world’s second longest zipline built on mountain

Successful test of world's second longest zipline built on mountain

The world’s second longest Superman zipline has been successfully test-fired at Kusma’s chalk heart in Parbat.

Zipline President Bidur Poudel told that the trial of 1400 meters long jeep line from the heart of Chakle in Kushma Municipality-5 to Saune Bagar on the banks of Kaligandaki river was successful.

According to him the two stretches of Kaligandaki river can be crossed by a 250 meter high zip line over the river. Nine local traders through The Harness Company have completed the construction of the zipline at a cost of Rs 15 crore.

Once the trial of the zipline is successful, it will help in the development of adventure tourism in the mountains. Similarly, Harnesh Zipline also plans to operate a jetski (water bike) on Kaligandaki River to project the mountain district as an adventure sports district and Mustang tourists like to stay in the mountains.

According to company director Raj Kumar Basnet, many tourists used to travel by land from Pokhara to Mustang, but now they believe in the development of tourism in hilly tourist destinations.

Zipline is manufactured by Indian company Shyam Zipline. According to Naveen Massey, the classic zipline is like sitting in a chair, jumping on a rope and falling asleep on your knees to reach your destination.

It has been made possible to travel by hanging on a mountain zipline with two people at the same time. The journey will be completed within a time span of 60 to 90 seconds. Kappani said the rope used in the zipline can support a weight of 2,000 kilograms at a time.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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