Talking privately on Facebook is now easier

Kathmandu. Social network Facebook is providing end-to-end encryption service to users through the ‘Secret Conversations’ feature to communicate secretly. For this, the user has to create a separate secret conversation chat box with the person he wants to talk to.

But the company is now going to make private conversations easier on Facebook. The company is testing to provide end-to-end encryption as a default feature in Facebook Messenger.

The company has said that it will test this feature in a limited number of users from this week. The company believes that the end-to-end encryption feature, which is available by default, provides more security to the users.

In this feature, the company itself will not be able to keep any record of the user’s conversation. Also it is said that it will be difficult for hackers to hack such conversations.

Similarly, the company said that this feature will make digital conversations secure.

In the past few years, Meta Encryption is working for the safety and secure use of the users. Even now, end-to-end encryption feature is provided by default in WhatsApp.

Testing of this feature has also started on Instagram. But users on Messenger were criticizing Meta for not providing this feature.

After a long time of criticism, now the company is going to provide this feature by default.

Himal Sanchar