Tears in farmer’s eyes

Tears in farmer's eyes

October 2, Janakpurdham. Mukesh Kumar Yadav of Kamla Municipality, Ward No 4 of Dhanusha planted paddy of Jiri caste on 1.5 bighas of land. It rained well on time. He was happy to pay off the debt and provide food for his family. A week ago he started cutting.

But since Monday night, his paddy is submerged due to rain. One and a half bigha of paddy was yet to be imported. My hard work, investments were all wasted,’ he says. How do I repay the loan, and feed my family?’

According to him, he had taken a loan of 50 thousand rupees for wages and fertilizers during farming. “I have been farming with this kind of debt every year,” he says. This time neither the loan can be repaid nor the family can be taken care of.

They are in pain like Mukesh, Malabar Mandal. Mandal, 95, had sown paddy on 15 acres of land. The cooked rice was left to bring home. Paddy kept in the field has been submerged due to unseasonal rains. “I have been raising my family by farming since the very beginning. How can I make a living now?” he said with deep tears.

Mandal has a wife and a daughter. He says, “Everything is ruined, this time it is getting difficult to feed.”

Many farmers like Mukesh and Malbar have been affected by the water. Due to continuous floods, the water in the game has frozen. An attempt has been made to lift the submerged paddy and put it in Ali. But Mukesh says that the possibility of rotting of the submerged paddy is high.

Damage to all harvested paddy

Incessant rains that started from Monday evening have damaged the paddy crop planted in all the districts including Dhanusha of State 2. The Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperation has said that the details of the damage caused to the paddy crop by the water are being collected. According to Manish Pal, Information Officer of the Ministry, the rains have affected the paddy crop sown in all the eight districts of the state.

Stating that the harvested paddy has suffered more, he said, “It has been seen that eastern districts have suffered more. Out of the total sown paddy, 5% paddy has been harvested. The rains have caused damage and there are reports of floods at some places.

According to the ministry, paddy has been cultivated in 43,164 hectares of land in the state. The remaining paddy has not suffered much damage from the rains. Information officer Pal said, however, the scarcity of water could cause significant damage to raw paddy.

Source: OnlineKhabar